Fun morning meeting activities

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Find and save ideas about Morning meeting activities on Pinterest. See more ideas about Morning meetings, Community building and Morning messages. In addition, to being a lot of fun, this activity reinforces listening skills. Keeping Morning Meeting Greetings Fresh and Fun.

The person who is It tries to say “Elephant, Bippity Bop Bop Bop” before the three people can create the pose. The recipient, player #2, says, “A what? The second time the guilty person says, “I went to the pool. The teams say, “Rock, Paper, Scissors! The two players on either side make half-circles with their arms to suggest ears. Then do the chant while moving your hands back to the right side of your body, pulsing to the beat as you go.

Aroostasha How to Play: Students stand in a circle with their hands clasped in front of them, fingers interlaced.

If only a few children have had a chance to say Eeeek you can end the activity by having everyone say Eeeek together. If the caller says, “Crows,” the crows will cross over the center line and try to tag the Cranes before they reach their safety zone. If the word has not been spelled correctly, the teacher says so and asks the players to huddle to find the error. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Pass the Zoom all the way around the circle the first time and work on building speed. Perform the following movements and sounds in unison. Players simulate a lifeboat by placing their hands on each other’s shoulders. Ready for questions and comments. Reviews a grammar or math skill we are learning. Ryan holds up the book so all his classmates can see the cover and begins: "Reptile Facts is my favorite first grade book.

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Model how to run with students. Morning Meetings will follow the same format each day. My name is Susan Antonelli and I will be sharing my best ideas for “wonder teaching! My weekend was fantastic because my counsin's visited.

All players to whom that the statement applies take a step into the circle, raise their hands and say, “That’s me.All you need is a music player (CD player, iPod with docking station, etc.All: "Jig-a-low, jig, jig, a-low" (2 times) "Hey ___________!

Everyone who fits that category comes into the center of the circle and then quickly finds a new place to sit. Finally, the student holds up the red bear and delivers a closing statement. Focused on whichever writing trait we were studying. For example, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m taking my bike. Grand Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55409 612. Grandmother’s Trunk How to Play: Begin the activity by saying, “I’m going on a trip, and I need to pack my grandmother’s trunk.

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I am on year 15 and still don't like this part of the day. I bought the themed cut-outs from and I simply write the students’ names on the front and add a small magnet to the back. I don't usually comment on blogs, but all I can say is THANK YOU for taking the time to share this FABULOUS post!

As long as I have been teaching I have had morning meeting guilt.

Chant “ aroostasha, aroostasha, aroostasha-sha ” while moving your clasped hands from the right side of your body to the left and pulsing your hands up and down to the beat. Child #1 says acrobat, baby. Child #1 says, "My teacher's weekend was boring.

Once you get it going, you can effectively complete it in 15 minutes- it all depends on how well you pre-plan each component- which greeting you do, how many kids will share or what kind of sharing will you do, how simple or complicated the activity is, how much you need to discuss the interactive message, etc. One of these days (soon) I’ll share my ideas on teaching songs to your students and integrating spelling and grammar with a weekly song.

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Thanks in advance for the help! That player then names her item followed by another player’s item and so on. That was the beginning of a world of fun morning messages! That’s Me How to Play: A designated first player in the circle makes a personal statement such as, “I have two brothers. The Kindness Antennae is my brand new eBook packed full of uplifting stories, fun ideas, printables, and truths to help you (and your kids!

Whoever wins, evolves and becomes a palm tree, whoever loses remains a coconut. With younger students, use wall words or three-letter words to begin. Wording, formatting, or images from this site. Write the morning message on a smartboard or large easel paper and incorporate interactive elements into it, such as grammatical errors that the kids need to fix, scrambled words, or half-finished illustrations they can finish.

I explained that it is important for us to work hard AND have fun together. I have no idea how or where I picked this up, but it is wonderful for teaching about conventions while also making everyone responsible for participating! I have spent hours jumping from one post to another. I like the part about letting go and just doing it! I love the other ideas and are adding them to the list! I sing a little song instructing them to, “Fold your hands.

There are so many ideas and suggestions to make it work in the book. They have the whole class rolling on the floor (either rolling with laughter or boredom). They would solve the problem. This is why we have a special Morning Meeting routine every morning that helps us start our day the right way.

Child #2 says, "Beth's weekend was fantastic. Child #3 says, "John's weekend was tragic because his gerbil died. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

In the eye, speak clearly, and give a firm handshake. It really supports paragraph development too. It should look as if a rock is being passed each time, disguising its whereabouts from the player in the middle. It sounds a lot better in my head! Jean’s before but certainly would be willing.

At this point, the children are all done with having to sit in a group setting, so we transition to snack time or outdoor play or intentional play. Bang Bang Choo Choo Train Class: "Bang Bang Choo Choo, train watch ____ (name) do his thing. Best wishes on your “Kevin! But, I was thinking that it might be a better ide a to use it at the end of the day or right before lunch.

The chant below is said as the rock passes from player to player. The child with the card on her back can ask up to twenty yes-or-no questions to try to figure out what word is written on her back. The game ends when all players are seated or when all words on the list have been correctly spelled. The greeting, we participate in an activity. The hidden player returns, stands in the middle of the circle, watches the movements and tries to guess who the leader is.

Too much cuteness in one place with your kiddos! Variations/Extensions: Choose one word and see how may different sentences the students can create. Variations/Extensions: Connect the words to your curriculum. We need a logo for that teacher saying. We play it about once a week. What's the point of them? Whatever the greeting requires).

And also sit down.And anything that falls under the category of “learning made fun!And flash their signs.
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  1. After we say “Amen,” we sing our Amen song.
  2. Alibi How to Play: One person is chosen to leave the room as the Detective.
  3. Here are some tips on making your morning meetings an enthusiastic start to the day! How To Play: Seated and in partners, players face each other, hands up in front, palms facing—close but not touching. How can you keep the sense of comfortable routine while also varying Morning Meetings enough to keep students (and adults) interested and engaged? How long does your typical morning routine last? How to Play: Each player is given a card with the name or picture of a vegetable written on it.

    Sometimes the power walk works well with students. Sparkle Materials: List of spelling words seen only by teacher How To Play: Everyone stands in a circle. Squeeze 26 3rd graders in, but we make room for everyone! Start a word with one child, he whispers it to his neighbor, the whole way around the circle very quickly. Students pretend that they are passing an imaginary speeding car around the circle. Students to pair up, find matches, etc.

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    Hand around an object, such as a roll of masking tape, and have each child make up a funny identity for the object. Hanging on the wall next to our carpet area and every month I put up themed magnets with the children’s names on them. Have someone call out one of the spelling words. He/she disguises their voise and say "It is I.

    The leader then announces a category, such as fruits, on the right-hand finger snap and names an example, such as apples, with the left-hand finger snap. The next player in the circle makes another statement such as, “My favorite color is red. The one person who doesn’t find a seat now stands in the center of the circle and says, “A warm wind blow for anyone who ____,” naming a new category. The other two players hold their arms out to the side and wave them like a hula dancer.

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    I too am wondering if this can be included later in the day, as "afternoon meeting. I use already played game cards from math and literacy centers so the task is quick and independent. I used to feel the same way about MM 🙁 So HOW EXCITED AM I that you posted this! I will draw out of the jar and whatever I pick we'll do. If a Crow tags a Crane, she will come to the other side and become a Crow. If it's ice cream, then ice cream flavors.

    Collected to use during this time. Comprehension balls, Mad Libs, and trivia cards. Contrary to popular trends, I choose to write a weekly morning message. Crows and Cranes (outside game) Materials: An open space with marked boundaries, a center line, and a safety zone for two groups How to Play: Create two equal groups and have them stand in two lines facing the center. Defenestrate” means to throw someone out the window!

    See if everyone can come up with their own idea! She writes at Happy Home Fairy where you can find easy craft ideas, FREE printables, simple recipes, holiday fun, thoughts on raising kids, and encouragement for moms. Sing a song– I love singing with my students. Snaggledoodle Materials: A small object to hide How To Play: Choose an object to hide and share it with the class. Something that we then wrote down together.

    No one can say “EEK” more than once. October pumpkins, November turkeys, December stars, etc. Off My Back How to Play: The person who is It stands by the white board facing the class. On the card is a word that names a person, place, or thing. Once an item has been named, it cannot be used again. Once an item has been named, it cannot be used again.

    Kids can share by describing events instead of bringing in objects to show. Materials: A small ball How To Play: One player stands in the middle of the circle with a ball, called the “Tosser. Meanwhile, after about three players have passed the “banana,” player #1 starts another object in the opposite direction, saying, “This is a pineapple.

    Do you often wonder how to keep the sense of comfortable routine while also varying Morning Meetings enough to keep students (and adults) interested and engaged? Do you think this can be done later in the day or broken up? Encourage students to name categories that relate to interests, hobbies, and family rather than clothing or appearance. Every morning before morning meeting, these two employees pick something out of the "Love to Laugh basket to read to the class.

    Then have them use a sentence using the adj. Then that player takes the object, turns to the next player, and begins the same dialogue and pattern. Then, the answer is sent forward one person at a time until it reaches the pair exchanging the object and the object can advance. Then, you can make the game more complex by adding “Eeek! There are lots of ways to make morning meetings varied and interesting. There are so many fun ways to greet!

    1. " The guesser then comes back and has 2 guesses to see who the elf is.
    2. " pass and talk to the person on the left and repeat.
    3. (the sound of coming to a screeching halt) stops the Zoom and makes it reverse direction.
    4. A morning message is an important part of a morning meeting.
      • " My schedule next year is going to go: Intervention Class, Reading Class, Homeroom at 11, which is when we go to lunch.
      • " Student: "Because my back is aching and my shoes are too tight and my hips are shaking from the left and to the right!

      This isn’t just the teacher’s chance to greet students—students should take this opportunity to greet each other. This one is called, it’s May and I am going to let you go around the circle and greet each other because it’s field day and I am super preoccupied right now. This picture was taken in May. Titanic How to Play: Players walk around within the designated boundary after the caller says, “All hands on deck! Today I want to offer ideas for the activity block of your morning meeting.

      • (I am working on a BIG freebie titled “Managing Movement In Your Classroom.
      • The group chooses a leader who does a movement, such as tapping his toe, which the others follow.

      You continue around the circle until everyone has had a chance to make a statement. You get the idea! You name it you can try it!

      1. A student holds up the yellow bear and gives an opening statement.
      2. Activity cards that stay with our materials for easy access.
      3. Adjectives: On Monday, sometimes I have them pick an adjective (try for everyone to use a different one) to describe their weekend.
      4. After a few weeks, you will see how your kids react to different parts of the meeting and different activities for each part and can make adjustments on timing.
      5. After the teams huddles, they line up facing each other in the center of the playing field.
      6. THANK YOU for this post! Thank you for a great post! Thank you for the inspirational post! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

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