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Sep 2013 - 10 min - Uploaded by dulz24This was the best day of my entire life, Lana Del Rey is the most friendliest and most down to. Oct 2016 - 1 min - Uploaded by Lizzy GrantLana Del Rey is SO NICE with fans outside Urban Outfitters in Hollywood - Duration: 3:26. We found a post on Tumblr from a fan who had the pleasure of meeting Lana on January 4th. You can read an excerpt of the text, see some photos & a video. The concert itself was surreal and meeting her was next level.

The queue was so huge by the time we got there, and I was so embarrassed to walk all the way down the side in my heels and my big blue dress. The show was very similar to last year's. Then Ben told me I should just mail him so he could put me on the guest list of the shows I’d like to attend. There was a "no lining up" rule which caused for very hectic and stressed out fans.

In front was a retro tube television playing the same programs from Johnston's living room in the film, in effect bringing the audience into scene. In it, Johnston plays himself in modern time and carries on conversations with a 1983 version of himself played by Sunday, offering advice to his past self. It makes me smile to hear what a lovely person she really is. It was just the four of us, it was dark and really cold.

I bought my tickets as soon as the presale started and was thrilled to score pit tickets. I couldn't get tickets and i was devastated, you're so lucky to have met her, she is incredible! I did not think it was possible but Lana Del Rey sounds even more incredible live than in studio.

After discovering the that Sunday launched to finish the project, she said she was drawn to get involved.Ah we didn't have that much time to stay and enjoy the room because we had an hour just to get ready and queue for the concert.Ahh that sounds amazing, i'm so jealous!

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Santo & Johnny were a musical duo from Brooklyn who had a #1 hit with an instrumental song titled “Sleep Walk”. She asked me for my username and she said “We wrote each other before, didn’t we? She graced us with her presence as the entire crowd screamed and yelled for her. She is truly sweet and amazing and I would love to see her the next chance I get.

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  3. It was really nice meeting you

    1. "He'd be like, 'Oh man, wanna get some cheeseburgers?
    2. "He's got his Coca-Cola, he's got his sugar-free gummy bears and he's got his cigarettes and he's got his chord organs in case he wants to bang out a couple chords.
    3. Anyway as soon as the tickets arrived we booked our 4 hour train journey and then booked into a lovely hotel called Brittana, well it was cheap for only one night, but I have never stayed in a hotel before, well without my parents and I am almost twenty one! Anyway i know what you mean, she's just a girl like everyone else, probably even more shy than the usual, you can see that! Anyway we pushed our way to the front and was about 4 rows behind the barrier.

      The only negative thing was that the doors opened pretty early and she came on a little later on so the wait was around 2 hours with no music or support act, however it was completely worth it once the show started and she sounded absolutely angelic. The premiere was also Del Rey and Johnston's first meeting, which Del Rey said had her turning bright red from nervous excitement.

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      I would say, in total, there were at least 100-200 people standing at the barricade to meet her. I'm going to see Vampire Weekend at the end of next month i'm so excited, i hope i'm as lucky as you and can meet them! I'm pretty excited although bummed Courtney Love wont be. I've heard many things but was wondering what time someone who is actually going to the same one as me would be arriving.

      However she must have been tired because she was so quiet and shy, I think when you meet her you think she is going to have a golden aura and act like a goddess but in fact she is just a normal girl, I believe when you meet her your just meeting Lizzy, and Lana Del Rey is this unexplainable essence within her music, you can't meet her, however you can feel her when you hear her music, you can escape into this ideal dream world that she creates.

      It was so cool to discuss Lana related stuff with some true fans in real life. I’m quite sure we’ve gotten some strange looks from passers-by. I’m still afraid I was a bit rude to her, a little too straight-to-the-point. Lana Del Rey arrived pretty late for sound check and she stopped and signed for all the 20 or so fans who were waiting at the back entrance of the Enmore Theatre.

      General Admission tickets are encouraged for people who are interested in meeting Lana. Great read Charlotte:) So happy you got to meet your idol at last aha, shame you couldn't get a picture but these things happen ay? Her live shows are relatively short, lasting a little longer than an hour. Her voice is beautiful live and she sang songs from each of her albums. Here's a video of Lana Del Rey meeting with some very emotional fans after a sound check at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

      She selected the best songs so that everyone could sing along to and her quirky dance moves made everyone scream. She smokes cigarettes and sings songs about sex, drugs and booze. She spent so much time talking and taking photos with her fans, signing autographs, everything with her fans.

      1. "I guess he was sort of a crush at one time a decade ago," she said.
      2. ' And he was like, 'Oh play a song.
      3. ' I was like, 'Well I kind of started learning because I wanted to play your songs.
      4. ' It was something about like in the movie going towards the light and dark -- that was his advice.
      5. Unfortunately, the concert I had been looking forward to for months made me miserable. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. We are all huge fans and none of us had gotten the chance to see her perform live before.

        • I thought for the whole concert I would be stuck behind these girls with hair the size of Britain!
        • Born to Die” released in January 2012 sold 3.
        • It was so unbelievably surreal when it was my turn.
        • " She added, "I didn't know if this film would move me just as much, but the fact that it's a progression, it moves me even deeper.
        • " She couldn't have been more right.
        • " There was kind of a unified agreement between everyone to try and remain calm.

        If I were with her on that day, I would have encouraged the 19-year-old Lizzy Grant, but I wouldn’t have bet on her. If there's any pushing, shouting, or anything like that, she will leave. If you are not a true fan I'm not sure this is the concert for you, but if you are like me and know the lyrics to every single song, there should be no question in your mind!

        She was accompanied by her BFF actress Jaime King to the first of her three sold-out concerts. She was awesome, and after the show i waited forever to see her before she leave, but i wasn't so lucky! She was beautiful and I highly recommend going to one of her concerts. She was holding this beautiful vinyl version of Paradise in her hands and I realized she was signing it for me! She's so sweet, it makes me happy even though I'm not those very lucky fans.

        That’s why I don’t mind her listening to Lana Del Rey albums and going to Lana Del Rey concerts. The Shrine show sold out instantly. The Video Games star instantly put her arms around him and rested his head on her shoulder as he continued to cry. The album doesn't come out until June 16, but after hearing Ultraviolence live, I WANT IT NOW.

        I laughed and replied “I DID but you never read your messages, baby! I love that video too though. I noticed she had Lana’s new album in her bag but I didn’t know her and I’d feel weird talking to her. I now know better than to buy pit tickets. I only wish I had closer seats. I was not even freaking out but I just felt this pure happiness. I was so overwhelmed by her beauty and grace.

        I didn't let it bother me in fact it made me more determined to make me way to the front of the crowd and meet Lana Del Rey. I gave Lana my set list from Rock Werchter to sign it but she was actually talking to others while holding it in her hands. I got to meet her after her show at Amoeba Hollywood and it was really amazing. I guess I was just extremely stressed out. I just hope the thousands of young girls with flowered headbands understand this truth about Lana Del Rey.

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        But in that time it found its way to transcend any biopic retelling of one of America's most beloved but troubled creative minds, and it picked up some notable supporters along the way as well. Com find submissions from "example. Does the ocean inspire, easy rider? Everyone with us began to call her name out, and she waved, but then went back inside the venue.

        The album was produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and featured the singles “West Coast”, “Shades of Cool” and “Ultraviolence”. The first time the young singer-songwriter gazed upon the stage in Morrison, she made herself a promise – one day she would perform on that stage.

        She’s in the little blue dress and designer pumps. So I started doing that around him," Sunday said. So much so, that I purchased tickets for Music Midtown just to see her again. So, here's the good stuff. Someone not too long ago on here posted a pic of himself getting a kiss on the lips by her, since he had been waiting for 20 hours or something like that.

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        Flash forward to 2014: She's a Tumblr darling, on speed-dial whenever someone needs a moody song for a film's soundtrack, and. Following the release the singer won a number of awards including an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Alternative Act and a 2013 Brit Award for Best International Female Solo Artist. From there, Sunday said, Johnston actually started calling him Dan and eventually after spending more time together the distinction became further blurred.

        She knew she was late and she actually asked her people if she should finish signing and taking pictures with all the fans or should do sound check and then come back out. She literally spent about 15 minutes taking selfies with her fans and signing things and collecting gifts from them. She seems like a very sweet, real person who thanked the audience for attending and didn't use a single word of profanity while she was speaking.

        And you love to party and have fun.

        You are so lucky, and looked perfectly stunning for the occasion! You've requested a page on a website (www. Your email address will not be published.

        Living fast, dying young, and leaving a beautiful corpse isn’t a new concept, but it’s also not one Grant lives by. Meanwhile, stars as Johnston's long-lost love, Laurie, a haunting spirit of unattainable inspiration. Meeting Lana Del Rey in Riga. My dear friend Liv joined me to the tv show in Cologne Lana would perform at.

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        At 3:45, when we had just arrived at our hotel, I got a call from Bauke. At most performances at the Tabernacle, the artist exits the side door into a parking lot where their tour bus, gear truck, etc. At one point she told me I had pretty eyes and that inflated my head so much haha. Ben told me to mail him as soon as possible so he would not forget about me.

        We figured that if she came to meet people, she'd go for the bigger crowd, so we went over there to join everyone else. We had good laugh and conversation about her, people were still very sneaky about meeting her though, the security guards had told us she had already left. We walked by, there was a girl sitting in front of the door. When asked if Foals would collaborate with Lana Del Rey, synth player Edwin Congreave joked that he is not sure she’d be interested.

        Lana Del Rey comforts young male fan after he gets very emotional. Lana Del Rey is the reason Lizzy has been able to sell out two consecutive shows at Red Rocks. Lana Del Rey sacrifices herself so Lizzy Grant can live a long, comfortable life, free from all those tragic things Lana Del Rey sings about. Lana has such a beautiful voice that it really seems as if she's singing right from her soul.

        After about an hour, Lana did come out, but the exit was pretty far away from where we were standing on the other side of the fence.After all the madness we had to endure during the show (like I've posted before, it was the most ridiculous concert I have ever been to in regards to crowd behavior) we had to just sit on the ground and collect ourselves.

        Lana turned out to have the marker and I gave her the cap. Lana was very shy and awkward but super cute and her voice is amazing. Lana wore the same dress the entire set. Let's give credit where credit's due— Del Rey seems very nice here! Liv and I decided to just go stand next to the gates of the parking lot. Liv had been slightly nervous all the time.

        I went to her concert too, in Rome, and it was the same, i had to fight for staying in the first lines! I went to the Red Rocks show on May 19, my first concert, and though I never met her, seeing her on the screens meeting and hugging her fans- how many celebrities do that? I wish I could have had a clear view of her but there were a bunch of tall people in front of me. I would even go back to this venue for her.

        When she'd just about finished with the other side of people, the security guards walked over to us and one said "She's going to meet every one of you and sign whatever you want and take pictures as well. Why didn’t you tell me you would be here! With dozens filling the room to sit on the floor or stand and watch the film, the surrealism was accentuated by Johnston's actual presence in the room, further distorting any sense of location.

        My friend who was with me actually made it up to the front first, and he asked if we could all get a picture together, turning to the side so she could see me and I could come up to be with them. NME is part of the Time Inc. NO ILLEGAL CONTENT - Any comment/post that directs to pirated content will be removed on sight and the user will be banned. Next time I'm buying front row! On the Billboard 200 after 36 weeks in the chart.

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        Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Sunday described the two musicians' meeting as a "total fan moment" on Del Rey's part, adding, "It was so wonderful and sweet. Tay on Twitter: "“@LanaDReyCrew: Lana Del Rey meeting fans in. Tay on Twitter: "“@LanaDReyCrew: Lana Del Rey meeting fans in.

        This ticket was worth every penny & now that I have met my idol, I can say that that I can die happy. This was my first time seeing LDR in concert and I was very impressed. This was my second time seeing her in concert and it did not ever let me down or disappoint me, just like the first time I saw her. Throughout the night, Johnston mostly stuck to his living-room corner while people approached him. Two tickets for general admission. Ugh, they seem like trash!

        All in all it was absolutely amazing and I can not wait to see Lana again in concert.And do you plan to meet her again?
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