Pleased to meet your acquaintance

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Definition of delighted to make your acquaintance in the Idioms Dictionary. Delighted to make your acquaintance phrase. What does delighted to make your. Make someone's acquaintance meaning, definition, what is make someone's acquaintance: fml to meet.

Grammar question - "meet your acquaintance? He glanced at her with a pleased smile. He has great patient and explains french pronunciation very nicely.

If someone addressed me thus, and I had never met them before, I would probably think of them as a polite and well mannered person - but not if they were a salesman trying to make a sale. If someone says 'How do you do? If used repeatedly with people you've seen before then they might think it too formal and 'archaic'.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 on this site (the).Benny Hill did an old routine where a celebrity, after being introduced on a talk show, responds, "It is an honor and a privilege".Best Answer: I actually had someone say that to me once, but in that case it was grammatically correct.

One origin is "shipload" and the other is "boatload", both referring to a large amount such as would be found on a cargo ship. One side has the word, one side has the definition. One thing I've never been clear on is whether the rule applies to equivalent phrases like "How are you? Over the five years of our acquaintance with her, Fanny avoids pregnancy when it would be professionally inconvenient. Packard: "It's been nice meeting [talking with] you.

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The rather informal "Same here" or "Same for me" might be heard too but they're not very polite. The straight meaning, though, is positive. There are so many odd phrases around these days whch make me cringe, but I do my best to ignore them and get to the heart of the matter in question.

Not the answer you're looking for? Now won't you please say, likewise. Now won't you please say,likewise? Now, have you had opportunities, in the course of your acquaintance with Mr. Old movies probably used it often in a sarcastic sense to comedically show that the character was sarcastic and possibly also to lampoon more formal strata of society.

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It's a social token that isn't to be taken literally. It's a social token that isn't to be taken literally. It's generally considered more polite to add some extra, positive info, such as "This is Jane, my dear friend, who's a great designer". It's like when someone says, "How are you?

I'm finding that with a lot of my friends or acquaintances going back to school, I miss it. I'm happy to make acquaintance/ friend of you. I've been seeing around a lot the phrase "it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance". I've had a number, and he is the best by far. I've never heard of "e-meet" before, and I think it could catch on.

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  1. Are both of them correct?
  2. As I said, I am not certain other people see it the same way.
  3. Her gentle, good humoured and obliging nature, mild manner and unassuming disposition commended her to all fortunate enough to make her acquaintance. How do we educate those around us without sounding pompous and rude (or, if you prefer, ignernt)? How do we save English from the fools who use it and abuse it daily? How much can be loaded in someone's rear end?

    I don't know if it's still taught but it is practised, although only in small circles. I don't know if it's still taught but it is practised, although only in small circles. I hope that you will get answers from a lot of different people on this.

    He seemed cold on/at first acquaintance [=when I first met him], but later I realized that he was just shy. He was pleased with himself for having remembered her name. He'll be working with us on the Wilson project.

    Black manages to compress a good deal into a limited space, calling on his thorough acquaintance with a vast array of primary sources.But I say that I'm "pleased" anyway, because that's what you say when you're meeting someone.But a lot of peopel say "meet your acquaintance", is this actually correct or is it as.

    If you get some special facilities because of your acquaintance with the doctor, don't make it public - have regard for the feelings and sentiments of other patients. If you’re speaking to somebody who is your only each order to somebody who is younger “ ta” and they say which means you’re in the familiar form. In such terms Mr Gradgrind always mentally introduced himself, whether to his private circle of acquaintance, or to the public in general.

    • " That's stronger than just saying "I don't know.
    • ", you don't expect to hear anything more than "Fine, and how's by you?
    • "Both" is used as a plural pronoun.
    • "It's nice to make your acquaintance" is also good, but it's quite formal.
    • "This is a table" is shorthand for "this object is a table", and "this is Jane" is shorthand for "this person is Jane".

    They don't really want to hear about your carbuncle. This book covers all of the most important elements of french pronunciation for the new speaker. This fancy living is all so unfamiliar and exciting to me! This usage is clearly meant as something of a gentle laugh line; it nearly always indicates a character who is unsophisticated but would have us believe otherwise. To add entries to your own, become a member of Reverso community or if you are already a member.

    With the right delivery of "Charmed, I'm sure", you can get pretty much the same implication. Would you like to answer one of these instead? Would you like to learn them? Yes please a polite formula for accepting an offer, invitation, etc.

    Each will have a special anecdote of their friend Michael and his memory will long be cherished by all who were indeed fortunate to make his acquaintance. Emeet - a digital introduction via, conference call, etc. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Ever hear someone say "I'm sure I don't know? Favreau, to watch him walk? Fill in the info below and sign up for a FREE French lesson on Skype.

    I left feeling a bit cheated, but in the following days renewed my acquaintance with the Shostakovich concerto - encouraged by the memory of an inspired performance. I only remember it from White Christmas. I tend to lean toward definition #2 because.

    However, if you really like the person and are confident of their response, then by all means say or write: Hello, I'm very happy to make your acquaintance and hope we can become good friends. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, for I have always wished to meet a Master Bard. I am very glad to meet you. I am very glad to meet you.

    So, yes, I lean toward definition #2 because at least it allows for being delivered ironically, allowing plausible deniability in the event of being called out for rudeness. Sometimes, though, it's necessary to be formal. Stay up to date with our latest news and receive new words updates, blog posts, and more. That certainly used to be the case, but I think most people now are unfamiliar with the rule and would consider it insufferably rude.

    Modern day replacement for 'pleasure to make your acquaintance', often used by (and often vapid) individuals with no imagination or sense of how they; typically found in the world of online marketing. My acquaintance with her just before she entered government made the experience particularly alarming. No doubt you are charmed to meet ME.

    Umm the phrase is "make your acquaintance ", faire votre connaisance. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. We're only just now being introduced, but I will graciously give you the benefit of the doubt that I will come to feel charmed by your aquaintance. Well, in May I am sitting the english proficiency Cambridge CPE and I was just wondering if I could use this phrase in speaking so as to "impress" the examiner.

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    There is another one which is very popular here, and I believe, from listening to people from other areas of the US, that it must be popular in various areas. There were no opponents in the air. There were no opponents in the air. These aren't limited to being about making the acquaintance, but that probably means that there's better communication going on. These usages crop up in old movies, too, but we have to admit we have never heard them used in real life.

    You are simply meeting online which is well-established terminology. You can broaden your acquaintance with poetry at Annie's Book Co. You can change your cookie settings at any time. You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. You're correct; it's "make your acquaintance.

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    1. A- What's your opinion about the three replies?
    2. Adj You can tell someone that you are pleasedwith something they have done in order to express your approval.
    3. American manners were heavily influenced by British custom, and the 19th century was also a time here when the middle class started to grow and to imitate the manners of the upper crust.
    4. And like most people I've encountered there, I don't recall the specifics of making his acquaintance.
    5. That said, I don't particularly see anything wrong with using meet. That's why it's in cartoons, I thought! The good teacher explains.

      Search pleased to make your acquaintance and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso. Select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Sentence modifier used in making polite requests and in pleading, asking for a favour, etc. She has only a nodding/slight/superficial acquaintance with the facts of the case.

      What are we, who know about grammar, to do about it? What does ubac mean? What it is is the substitution of "ignorant" for the word "rude. What made you want to look up acquaintance? When in any doubt of its appropriateness, don't use this.

      It seems to me that people say the most ridiculous things, and have no idea what they are saying. It was a moment of collective acquaintance with history and the past. It was often a symptom of perfunctoriness. It was the most amazing part of his acquaintance with her yet. It would be great though if user70902 could add whether she is familiar with this expression and uses it herself. It'd be like referring to someone as "it" rather than "he" or "she".

      Please note that if you are a woman you would pronounce this in the same way that would add an “e” to write enchantée as you must make adjectives that describe yourself in the feminine form. Please see the formatting help, which will show you how to create links. Rarely for special emphasis that 2 individuals are considered almost as one, you use "the" with both. Sam" "Nice to meet you Jane.

      • "and this is Sam, who's a wonderful chef" as this will give Sam and Jane something to talk about, plus your attention to their hobbies makes you look good.
      • 'Appy to make your acquaintance.
      • (I'm) delighted to make your acquaintance.
      As do we, definitely, I don't think you can get much shorter than "Hi" though, which is what many people say anyway at introductions!B- How do you reply on the statement above?

      Whereas the American version, with the added, "I'm sure! Whereas the American version, with the added, "I'm sure! With the renewal of his acquaintance with her, Jean's life takes a new turn.

      Maybe it is better idea to use the type of the communication for that- It is nice having you as facebook, yahoo, google + friend etc. Me: "And Jane, this is Sam. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Middle English (in the sense ‘mutual knowledge, being acquainted’): from Old French acointance, from acointier ‘make known’ (see acquaint).

      The meaning is slightly different and more informal but it is exact replacement of the verbs. The next time I hear that, I think I will ask exactly what it is they've been told about me. The part of the introduction ritual I've never understood is the use of the word "this". The people I called friends, more close acquaintances, left for university. The people who say it seem to be completely and blissfully unaware that "ignorant" means "lacking in knowledge.

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      In this lesson will teach you how to say nice to meet you in French (enchanté). Incidentally, the correct response to "How do you do? Is there anything to build with connect? It is striking to realize how much of this material is personal-not subjective, but rather framed by her own family history or immediate acquaintance.

      • This Site Might Help You.
      • Adj If you are pleased, you are happy about something or satisfied with something.
      • Thank you for question.
      • And I, it must be said, was particularly pleased to have made the reporter 's acquaintance.
      • We were very pleased to hear this encouraging news.

      It's now outmoded but in its time was probably quite common in more formal settings. It's similar to saying "Pleased to meet you. Jane: "It's likewise a pleasure Sam. Later, the wallflower said to me, "I was pleased to meet your acquaintance. Like Olive Oyl saying in that squeaky voice, "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance! Like she was a dumb blond who didn't know the right social protocols. Like someone trying a little too hard to say the "classy" thing.

      But as a data point, your #1 was never even close to entering my mind.

      But regarding if you could do it, yes you could and it'd be correct, when to use it though, is a different story. But the single syllable "Charmed" might sound excessively dismissive, so some extra meta-syntactic syllables got added just to fill in the spaces. Can it be used derisively or condescendingly? Could you please edit your post so that it links to the definition on Collins?

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