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In an exclusive, media outlet OSEN talked to an acquaintance who is said to be close to both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Several Chinese news outlets reported that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo may be dating, as they were spotted on the Indonesian island. Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) fans scream! After a confusing round of “are they dating or not? It has been announced that Song Hye Kyo.

His instagram fanbase is also flooded by shippers. However, the two of them seem to hide their relationships from the whole world. However, up until now, the two actors haven't made a single statement about their rumored relationship. I also didn’t want to cause any trouble to the people involved in my upcoming film.

After the shooting of the drama, they went to Saipan for holiday with their staff members, where they looked like a honeymoon couple.

At the time, “That Winter, the Wind Blows” actress said she extended her stay in New York City for a vacation and had other personal activities. But if it so happened that it is true that they are dating, I don’t see the point of denying anymore at this stage. But it wasn't until the drama in 2000 with and that she rose to fame in Korea and throughout Asia. But rest assured that the crazies are there too.

I’ve never been this shocked by Kdrama news. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. Just leave them alone! Korean Wave: Exclusive: Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are Officially. Like is it a crime for artists to separate their private love life from their professional life and away from public scrutiny?

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In August 2014, Song made a public apology for committing, arguing that her accountant had mishandled her paper work without her knowledge, with her omitted income tax from 2009 to 2011 totaling ₩2. In March 2017, Song celebrates the with donated 10,000 copies of a Korean guidebook to historic Korean sites in Tokyo. In May 2017, Song and Seo supplied Korean guidebook to in as well as Korean historical sites located in Kyoto, Japan.

It seems the bigger the star, the harder the news hits because there have actually been quite a few break ups this past year that don’t seem to have much impact; or else I’m just not seeing it here over the pond. It was a good opportunity to reflect on myself," said Song. It was also revealed that the two families of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have already met. It was launched to mark Hangeul (Korean alphabet) Day. It was like UK’s dispatches report on a crime.

Some Korean media reported that they had their first date in New York City. Song Hye-kyo (born November 22, 1981) is a South Korean actress. Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo DATING! Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Caught Up In Dating Rumors Once. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are officially getting married in October (Halloween day, to be exact), according to both agencies that represent the actors in a statement today (Jul. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo reported to have been dating while.

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For a long long time. For the budding updates on the wedding of Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong Ki! For the mostly Korean fans. Further supporting the claims is a clip of the "Descendants of the Sun" actor at the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. He just went on a personal vacation,” Blossom Entertainment added. He seems to close to Park Si Yeon more than with MCW in Innocent Man days. He uploaded some pictures with her daughter.

Another thing that got everyone suspicious about the breakup is the picture of Song Joong Ki and a mysterious woman. As I previously commented on another blog. As we worked on a production together, we discovered that we had similar values and we could really talk about anything. As we worked on a production together, we discovered that we had similar values and we could really talk about anything. At the age of fourteen, she began her career as a model, which led her to become an actress.

Song was said that she was dating Lee Byung hun, a South Korean actor, who is so popular not only in South Korea, but in many Asian countries and regions. Song-Song Couple Planning For Wedding? That’s the work of saesang fan or an extremely obsessive shipper if you ask me. The Crossing is based on the true story of the and follows six characters and their intertwining love stories in Taiwan and Shanghai during the 1930s; Song played the daughter of a wealthy banker.

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Can be media play for the upcoming movie, the Korea entertainment business and all people in there are very corrupt and with no scrupulous, as many others entertainment business, and when comes to promote a project and the artists, and we all know that, it is an agreed contract, without signatures, that the entertainment agencies will use each other artists to help out, reason why we are seeing the arise of one man agency, and certain artists sticking with small agencies, from artists that are tired to be played with.

I also didn’t want to cause any trouble to the people involved in my upcoming film. I am not saying that these men are not proud of their women because I totally understand why they chose to keep their romance private (Gosh, I defend my love LJK a lot because I respect his reason). I don’t see anything wrong with that. I feel sorry for them for the invasion of their privacy. I hope you will continue to support our relationship. I hope you will understand. I hope you will understand.

DISPATCH NAMED SONG JOONG KI AND SONG HYE KYO AS BEST COUPLE OF THE CENTURY. Date tour this fall! Due to this, the actor was once again asked about the actress. Each episode is set in the past, present and future of the city of. Early 2005, Song went to San Francisco to study English, and later traveled to. Exactly I just hope they can admit and date openly if that’s the case. First out of respect and protecting the other’s professional image.

Also its the ones whose hallyu wave high has settled down a bit who have that luxury. Also, there is the fact that gossip of this sort gets fans excited. Also, we ask for your understanding as we convey this surprising news. And, the way they were trying to make Park Shin Hye and LJS admitted to be dating with empty pictures that didn’t show nothing but them working overseas, and in and out of cars individually, from cars that are own by many people that can afford.

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She played a blind heiress in the melodrama, opposite a con man pretending to be her long-lost brother (played by). She was born and raised in Daegu, South Korea. So I still vote yes to private dating. So many people were even wishing it to be true beforehand.

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will be getting married on October 31 (Halloween Day). Song Joong Ki seems reluctant to take another project with Song Hye Kyo after their breakup rumor surfaced online. Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Lied To Fans About Relationship. Song actively participates in voluntary work, especially with animals. Song returned to Korea on March 5 2005.

Their denials are pretty weak and you can see why. There is no way all of them are single. There was no choice but to be cautious prior to marriage, and so we are at last conveying this message.

I wanted to tell everyone earlier, but I had to be cautious because it was a decision that involved two people and their respective families. I was thankful that he had such genuine feelings for me, and I was also able to confirm my own feelings for him. I watched the first part out of curiosity and found the report hilarious.

Over time, the faith and trust that Joong Ki had shown me helped me imagine a future with him. Please continue to love me like you have until now. Please fill out the information below to help us provide you a better experience. Please give us your blessings! PopCrush Song *Please enter a song name. Previously titled 1949 and Love and Let Love, the long-gestating project had originally been announced at the in 2008, then cancelled in 2009, and revived again in 2011.

Isnt it hard to believe that LJS,JCW,KSH,JIS,Gong Yoo, PBG, LDW YAI, PHJ etc etc are all single? It is said that Song is now seeing Yu Ah In, a South Korean actor. It only takes about an hour and a half by car from Los Angeles to San Francisco, so fans speculated that they might have had a secret date in San Francisco.

What led MBC to the said place were the leaked photos from Hye Kyo's private Instagram account, wherein she is seen in the posh villa. When Song was born, she was sick and her parents and doctors thought that she would not survive. When a person who they both trusted would ask about it, they would respond indifferently. Whether PSH or LJS were dating at the time or not when those dispatch pics were released.

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The speculations have gone viral after some fans posted photos of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in Bali. The trend is in Korea, the saesang fans start to dig into the woman’s past, career history, private affairs and create false rumours in order to discredit the woman’s character and reputation, and tag JG on SNS just to piss him off, to get him to break up with said woman. The two starred opposite each other in 2016’s award-winning KBS drama Descendants of the Sun.

Caption: Joong in a process to propose his bae Hye-Kyo in January at a Tokyo restaurant. Congrats SJK and SHK. Could we please stop assuming that they are dating when they say they are not,and there are no picture evidence whatsoever to positive that claim.

  1. According to rumors, it was popular K-Pop idol stylist Kim Woori who was responsible for the leaks.
  2. According to the interview, Kaneshiro became Song’s ideal type of man since she first saw him in the movie he appeared in.
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    I wonder how many celebrity Oppa actually dated a fan? If that fails and they get busted by the level headed fans, and get reported. In 2016, she won the Most Popular Actress in the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards. In August 2013, Song and Korea PR expert Seo Kyung-duk have donated a relief work of three independence fighters to the Peace Museum in.

    They look good together - look like SJK love SHK more - Congratulation - be happy. They would have still get flack. They're gonna be my favourite couple. Very very few and even those get backlash and it’s always the woman who has it harder with hallyu oppa fans harassing the woman. Vocal about her dissatisfaction with in the roles she was being offered, Song proved in the following year that she took on different roles.

    Song then played a supporting role in, Chinese director 's biographical film about 's kung fu master, for which she learned and martial arts. Song was a huge fan of director Lee Jeong-hyang and had actively sought her out, and though she had difficulty getting into character, Song said she fell in love with the script and felt her acting had matured.

    While these claims could possibly hold some truths, it should be noted that neither Song Joong Ki nor Song Hye Kyo has confirmed anything as of yet. Why is it such a big deal when they are found dating someone?

    There’s too many delulu fans- either crazily fantasizing that their oppa belongs to them or delulu shippers shipping them with a certain costar. They became close and started serious relationship in June, 2009. They can still choose to continue to date under the radar thereafter despite being official. They don’t owe anyone the update on their lives, not wishing to be in a public relationship is their call. They had been dating since June 2009.

    • Meanwhile Song Hye kyo also uploaded pictures of her and a famous bridge of San Francisco.
    • Song's parents divorced when she was a young girl, and she was raised by her mother.
    According to the news outlet, some eyewitness have sighted the "Descendants of the Sun" stars were spotted in an unnamed report in the island.According to the staff members who were interviewed, they were indeed together but Joong Ki made sure to keep his face covered most of the time.According to, Joong proposed to Hye-Kyo at a Tokyo restaurant called Mapu earlier this year in January.

    Mbc went over the line though. Moreover, the couple has declined the sponsorship offer while wedding dresses, Luxury hotels, honeymoon resorts, and gifts were up for grabs. Most shippers of real actors, not the drama characters are immature and wishy washy. Nagging him take a photo with gf, why don’t you follow your gf. On the last day she got lucky and saw him arrive with a group that included Song Hye Kyo, then they got in different cars.

    But you cross a definite line when you insist on a pairing when the couple themselves say it’s not really like that, or especially if you send people stalking them on their own private time.

    The actor revealed that he might want to start a family of his own considering now he's in his 30s. The drama was incredibly popular in Korea with a peak viewership rating of 41. The extent of invasion of privacy is overboard.

    The news came to light when the Chinese news outlet SINA reported that fans saw Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo in Bali, Indonesia at the same time. The person was Hyun Bin, an actor in South Korea. The publication claimed that However, there are no photos presented to prove the claim. The same year, Song made her big-screen debut in (a Korean of), which was panned by audiences and critics alike.

    In October 2012, Song funded the creation of an application for smartphone users to provide information on museums associated with Korea overseas. In a statement obtained by All Kpop, his former management agency -- Blossom Entertainment -- said that he went on a trip to Bali, Indonesia with his friends before promotions for his upcoming film “The Battleship Island” began.

    1. "It is true she went to Bali but it was for a project meeting.
    2. A lot of fans including me are anticipating this happy moments.
    3. A source earlier that the couple would not go for a lavish wedding ceremony.
    4. A statement said: "Song Joong Ki went on a trip to Bali with his friends before promotions for his movie started.
    5. In order to begin a new life where we can get through difficult times together, Song Hye Kyo and I have decided to get married on the last day of October. Invasion of privacy is not okay, even if they are celebrities. Is SJK supposed to be rejoicing that a fan was camping at the airport for three days, just to end up invading his privacy and doing what a normal true fan wouldn’t do?

      Romantic epic was Song's second Chinese film to be released and was directed by (Woo's longtime friend and producer has been managing Song's overseas activities since 2008). SHK side has released two or three responses since Bali trying to stop the stalking. She considers the film "a turning point" in her life. She later admitted there had been "a bit of friction and misunderstanding" with Wong while filming, but that the difficulties helped her mature.

      I recently had the honor of participating in a production that could let me shine. I think that is what is happening to SHK and SJK too. I think they have there reason for not revealing speacially SJK still in the height of his carrier. I want to get married with her. I wanted to relay the engagement news to my fans first, but I had to be careful because it wasn’t only my decision.

      After all–the job is ACTING.After the one year relationship, however, they announced their separation because of their differences in value.

      It’s extremely disturbing that they didn’t apologize for invading kyo privacy. It’s like you wrote out my thoughts. It’s obvious that these actors and actresses have their own private lives and they have dated or are dating just like any of us regular people, but it’s absolutely terrifying how these ’’fans’’ think they own their biases and some delulu shippers think that their unnie is a virgin or that their ship is real. It’s this pressure that makes any relationship difficult to work.

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