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Tegan and Sara's last album, 2013's Heartthrob, turned them from cult indie. Tegan's dating again after having had two long-term girlfriends. Tegan and Sara Quin have become torchbearers for. New single “Boyfriend” is about dating a woman who's never been with another woman.

  • " Or "Fuck, this doesn't sound like the record.
  • ' Everyone felt so much pride.

Tegan has more of a square jaw and wider facial structure making her eyes seem a little father apart (her eyes tend to also look a little bulgier) and the rest of her facial features a little more spaced out. Tegan: I don't have a "room" first of all, so there's the first thing you got wrong. Tegan: There's a whole bunch of bar bands in Vancouver that are looking for singers who like.

We must become more successful, or else I’ll quit. We really need someone who can dig through all of that and pick the strongest parts and elevate them. We still will play guitar for the old material, but I’m moving away from it in general. We trust Clea’s eyes and her vision,” Tegan says. We were just going to the store and for the first time I was, like: ‘I don’t want to hold your hand,’” she says.

  • ' She was like, 'We are not cool,'” says Tegan.
  • ' and I was just consumed.
  • ' and then, you know, that kind of shit.
  • 's transgender punk rocker Laura Jane Grace.
  • A lot of this record came from a place of calm, like, I wasn’t in distress or feeling like I was going through a breakup, and I wasn’t having some of the drama that inspired my music in the past.

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That summer, they were invited to support Neil Young and the Pretenders in America, and studied the machinations of a well-run show. The Woodie Awards aired on MTV on March 17, 2013. The album was co-produced by. The album was released on January 29, 2013 and debuted on the Billboard top 200 at number 3, the band's highest charting record to date, selling 49,000 copies in its first week. The centerpiece of their lyrics has always been love and relationships.

Sara: shoulder length hair with the sideswept bangs. She claims to be less emotionally attracted to her partners. She tends to be more outgoing and giggly. She went there, didn't know anybody there, it was like middle of winter, minus gazillion, and she's stuck in this big old apartment with no furniture and she sent me all these really sad pictures of just like her bed on the floor and her computer.

The puppet-filled video sees the Quin sisters cruising around in a white toy Lambo, stopping at a pay phone, beach-lounging and even driving a speed boat. The song "Paperback Head" was the only song written by the pair to appear on the album, making it the first song on any Tegan and Sara album that they wrote together. The song is also used in the teaser trailer for the 2013 independent comedy film, "Exes". The text at the bottom reads "Gay behaviour is found in over 1500 species.

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For three records, Love You to Death being the first, even though they’re both aware that whole albums, and the music business infrastructure that creates and sells them, may hold little sway as playlists and singles come to dominate. He challenged them about assuming there was a ceiling over their potential reach. Heartthrob debuted at number 2 on the Canadian chart, digital downloads chart and hit number 1 on the rock and alternative album charts.

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Their song "" was covered by on the episode "Feud" which aired March 14, 2013 at 9pm EST on for Canada and for USA. Then Sara shows me her right hand. There are days where I imagine opening the car door and pushing Tegan out, but I just think to myself, We’re 35 and grown-ups, and we’ve acquired skills, in our personal and romantic relationships as well as our professional relationships.

We’ve been talking a lot about hiring as many women and LGBT people as possibleand with Clea and Rachel came this incredible all-female camera team, and I’d say about 80 percent of those working on the set were female—it was an incredible creative environment to be in! We’ve had songs that have touched on it before, like I Was Married,” says Sara. What if it was Tegan from Lindsey’s profile though?

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Compared to that, I think what we do is pretty light and silly. During those 30-second red-carpet interviews the microphone- thrusters now leap straight from “What are you wearing? Even Sara’s Scottish Fold cats, Mickey and Holiday, the real stars of the twins’ Instagram, have their own merch line: enamel pins and a set of cookie cutters in the shape of their faces.

I do believe that a lot of people listen to us to hear about what music we listen to, and what books we read, and what we believe politically, but it’s a very, very fine line for me. I don't know what we would have done. I don’t really subscribe to the idea that you have to be traumatized, or be having a really shitty experience, or be broke and struggling, or unsuccessful or ignored, to make your best music,” says Sara.

It just doesn’t play any role in my songwriting or performances. It really started 12 or 13 years ago, when I moved up to Montreal. It was a weird triangle of people and then my ex-girlfriend started dating this guy and then I felt [worse], and then he felt jealous, and it was just like 'fuck! It's about a relationship that I had had, but I wanted it to be broad enough that you didn't have to be in the same situation as me to relate to it.

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I had felt a little bit like an outsider but not of one specific group — we’re on tour all the time, we’re outsiders, period. I have insecurities about our career. I just personally don't want anything to do with the ritual. I know that when Sara was writing these songs it was during the end of her relationship and it was someone she'd been friends with for almost ten years and been with for four years.

My family didn't put a lot of emphasis on marriage. Now that I've fought for the right, and we've had success with the Supreme Court, I feel like it's important for me to be honest, too. One track of the album, "", was covered by, who released it on their EP. Orlando has added a sharp stab of darkness to an otherwise largely positive conversation about gay progress in recent years.

In fact, until last year, when Sara moved to Vancouver (and, conveniently, into the same neighborhood as her sister), they would use the magic of the Internet to collaborate during the writing process. In most fields,” she continues, “you wouldn’t have people talking about selling out. In the final, CGI-enhanced edit, the colors will swim across their faces. Includes songs by both out musicians and not, but with all female pronouns.

The tour kicked off on 6 May in Columbia, Missouri, ending in November 2014. The truth,” Tegan says, “is that I listen to Sara’s songs as if she’s a band that I like. Their hummable, Windex-wiped new single “Boyfriend” is about dating a woman who’s never been with another woman, inspired by the beginning of Sara’s romance with her current girlfriend — and it’s just as capable of being slotted into a radio playlist as anything from Taylor Swift.

I’m writing about the same shit everyone is writing about. Jacket by Mossimo for Target. Like, holy shit – this could be a single.

Though they’re the most prominent contemporary gay female act to scale the charts (their 2013 album, Heartthrob, debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200), the 35-year-old songwriters have still spent most of their career as outsiders. Three years ago, Tegan and Sara transformed from indie rock mainstays to legitimate pop stars. To “Wasn’t it awful about Orlando? Vancouver was too expensive, and she needed to escape her burgeoning twin identity crisis.

There was a stage when I wished we’d called ourselves Tegan Vs Sara because there was a time when everyone was obsessed with us being really competitive. There's a point where you have to be like, 'This is me, and you're either charmed or not,'” she says with a wry grin. There's a relaxing of these old-fashioned ideas. There's strength in saying, "I don't need a piece of paper or a ring or a wedding or photos to show how significant my commitment to a relationship is.

At this point it feels like they've made such inroads, or that it's so normalized in a great way,” says Against Me! Based label, Vapor Records. But if you’d asked me first if we have telepathy I would have said, ‘No, you’re annoying, don’t even ask the question’. But it's the norm now that people augment their sound with tracks. But progress has always been their priority. But there was a lot of homophobia and sexism. By using this site, you agree to the and.

Female artists such as Lady Gaga, Halsey, and Nicki Minaj have bent the spectrum of sexuality in pop culture but limited it to just one facet of their public persona. For many artists, whether or not they’re musicians, emotional distance is imperative to the creative act.

Another song that deals with relationship insecurities and feeling helpless is "Hang On to the Night.

The duo also put out a three-volume book set titled ON, IN, AT, which is a collection of stories, essays, journals, and photos of the band on tour in America in the fall of 2008, writing together in New Orleans, and touring Australia. The duo stated that they would be releasing a music video for each track on the album. The first single, "", was released on September 25, 2012.

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Playing with a necklace she borrowed from her sister (and will later accidentally break), she relates it back to how she and Tegan approach their work. S: ‘Oh my God, everywhere we hear it is weird. Sara has a short pixie cut, transforming into the bowl cut for a short period. Sara posted about Kesha without ever talking to me, but obviously I would support it.

They show that you can be yourself, stay on your path, not sell out, and fans will be drawn to that. They’ve also quietly benefitted a range of charities, mostly pertaining to marginalized groups. They’ve just signed up as board members of the Girls Rock Camp Foundation, and want to show teenage girls how to get into their world.

  1. A mix with both original songs and covers that attempt to capture the experience of being a teenager and hella gay (and a girl).
  2. A whole article sexualising her!
  3. With Love You to Death, Tegan asserts, “We just stepped more into what we are. Within a month, the first of many online T&S communities had formed around it. You just model through it! You’re In Love - Betty Who // 11.

    • In March 2015 the duo collaborated with and on the song "Make Things Right".
    • Interviewer: What did she say?
    • In a weird way, it never occurred to me to write in that way.
    • I don’t want to be isolated in a genre.

    It’s funny, there’s a little bit of tension when Tegan and I talk about this because, for her, this idea of fully departing from any lineage to rock or indie rock, she doesn’t want to completely cut the tie there. It’s not like we were swimming upstream,” says Tegan. I’m almost creating the conflict anew. I’m not saying that in the room, but that’s what I’m doing.

    It’s a pretty straightforward pop song about a relationship that I was getting into with a girl who had never dated a girl before and she had a guy, a boyfriend guy that she was sort of seeing, and we used to joke around that she was treating me like her boyfriend, and I was trying to get her to sort of you, you know, tie it down.

    They are completely authentic and honest,” says Cyndi Lauper, who in 2007 invited them on her True Colors tour, which benefits LGBT organizations. They held up their end of the bargain: They never touched drugs again, and never drank on the job. They picked up the guitar at age 15, and started writing together as Plunk, using the school photocopier to print the artwork for their cassettes.

    Sara tenses up when I ask if she feels brave writing such lyrics for the pop mainstream. Sara: I sort of make a lot of eye contact with a lot of people in the audience, keep in mind that-- Tegan: Teenagers. Sara: Shirt by Tony Ward available at Church Boutique LA. Sara: These are actual fish, that swim in the water that Tegan bought for a very low price.

    We are doing much better, but old habits die hard,” says Sara. We finally got the melody for the chorus of “closer” and we were trying to write lyrics and she was just sitting on the couch and then after like 10 minutes was like, “I’m gonna leave this is awful. We knew during that entire process that she was working with so many people, and we had no idea what the record was going to ultimately sound like. We looked gay, we talked about being gay.

    It's another example of me attempting to write a song that's supposed to be a sweet pop song but ends up darker, like "Boyfriend. It's one of the few bands that I would wanna do a whole album with.

    At 17, the Calgary-native Canadians won a college battle of the bands and caught the eye of the Canadian music industry.

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    When Heartthrob came out, you spoke about how hard it was for you to write such direct lyrics and not dress everything up in a metaphor—you’d sometimes pretend you were writing for other artists. When speaking about it with Curve, Sara passionately talks about her childhood: “I grew up with a mom who was a single parent and going back to school and was bettering herself, and that upward mobility was really celebrated. When we started, we really didn't want to wear any.

    If they had been eighty-five and it was like a snowbird conference in Florida, I would’ve done the same is what I’m saying. In 2014, Tegan and Sara released "Find Another Love" for the movie soundtrack. In July 2013, the album was shortlisted for the. In July 2014, the pair opened for 's 2014 concert tour, in Quebec, Canada in front of a crowd of 80,000. In March 2013 during the festival Tegan and Sara co-hosted the with rapper.

    When you say Sara and Tegan, it blends together”. Where the Calgary, Alberta, natives have excelled is in their readiness to take anecdotes from their personal lives and push them to the forefront, something they’ve done since signing to Neil Young’s Vapor Records in 1999. Which is good because now I can tweet what I want. While they’re working, like now: The washer-dryer in the kitchen of Sara and Reader's Silverlake home is whirring with one last pre-flight laundry load.

    So, when my inbox has a new song from Sara in it, I get excited, as if Beyoncé just dropped a track. Some of them are songs that we ended up taking back in and are considering shopping around or using ourselves. Somebody loves you, betty who // closer, tegan and sara // girlfriend, icona pop // collar full, panic! Tegan agrees that her and Sara's relationship is probably the best it's ever been.

    I still think of myself as being somewhat exploratory and somewhat, like, [this is] what relationships are and what they mean to me and how to get through them and navigate them. I think I was already doing that as far back as the Sainthood era [in 2009]. I think that balance in our songwriting is what distinguishes us. I wanted to get out there the very next day. I wanted to write a classic pop song. I was really tapping back into how complicated our relationship is.

    1. And I was like, this is so awkward.
    2. And it was around a time when Tegan and I were having a ton of conflict.
    3. And the second Sara and I had conflict, everyone would leave.
    4. And what’s interesting is that when you take away us being gay, and you take away us being sisters, would the music be as memorable or important?
    5. And you have to take care of each other.
    6. I like that it makes people ask me lots of questions about things they probably wouldn’t normally ask people about their relationships or lifestyles. I really obsess over details and find myself unable to detach from songs for weeks! I remember thinking, I don’t care if people think we sold out. I see so many messages: ‘what about #blacklivesmatter,’ ‘what about #oscarssowhite,’” she continues.

      There’s a fixation on us being gay. There’s a trophy Storey made the sisters for not fighting during a 2011 tour, two bronze football players atop a plaque that reads “Tegan and Sara Get Along. There’s the overzealous I-want-to-connect-deeply-with-you emotional person. They also appeared in the music video for "Body Work". They also fought in front of their crew. They are also featured in the song's video.

      Tegan and Sara appeared as guests, providing live vocals for 's remix of "", in addition to their own set that night. Tegan and Sara are a band formed in 1998 in, composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin (born September 19, 1980). Tegan and Sara finished their eighth studio album on November 30, 2015. Tegan and Sara have been a major label band for almost a decade, but still act like a DIY cottage industry, particularly when it comes to merchandise.

      Anyway now we know Lindsey was creeping hahaha.As much as it’s easy for me to cast myself as this underdog who had these women with unrequited feelings, the truth is my own personal life over 17 years has been much more complicated.As out queer women, they’ve always been natural activists, though it started with their mom.
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