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Trion Worlds Support Center. Atlas Reactor · Trove · ArcheAge · RIFT · Defiance · Devilian · Glyph Account Support · Glyph Technical Support. It can be accessed during live chat hours via our Support Center: //support. Live chat hours are 6:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM.

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Does the "Chat with us! Don't know what in the hell happened to Trion but they are my number one hated game studio now. Don't know what in the hell happened to Trion but they are my number one hated game studio now. Dormant dragon eggs: Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks and Fulguras, the Lightning Blade. Earlier in the year the soul packs were supposed to be the "cost" of the xpac with some optional stuff available for purchase.

Build massive castles and lay claim to lands whose riches fuel a deep, player-driven economy. Check out the for more details.

Live chat can be accessed via our Support Center: Where do I click on that page? Live chat hours are 6:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST. Look man, you hijacked this post. Made an appeal, haven't heard shit. Made an appeal, haven't heard shit.

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You banned my account for that?! You can try to wait until after the official launch of DEFIANCE, but there isn't a high probability of this problem sorting itself out. You can't get the hybrid mount unless you buy the $150 tier of the xpac. You forgot the biggest cash cow they have - ArcheAge. Your continued response along these lines is intentionally trying to provoke me and derail a thread which circles back to the first sentence.

If you're not pulling the Big Bucks, then you have to start cutting corners somewhere. If you're not pulling the Big Bucks, then you have to start cutting corners somewhere. If you're not pulling the Big Bucks, then you have to start cutting corners somewhere. In case if you didn't realize, that's 300 x 8 people = 2400 sample size! In the case of questions, have the title include the question.

Results-driven, quick-witted, and energetic professional proficient in any queries made by end users to the Desktop support/Help Desk. Rift is Trion's biggest money maker. Rift was their big success, but that game is way past its peak and revenue there is most likely steadily dropping.

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I got banned from Archeage for saying I didn't like the new patch or the direction of the game and was taking a break on the forums. I got banned from Archeage for saying I didn't like the new patch or the direction of the game and was taking a break on the forums.

The legal threat at the bottom is completely unnecessary, however. The limited-time event will also reward enthusiastic early supporters with access to additional bonus rewards, like character taunts, rare styles and more, earned through “Community Missions. The links for live chat are gone, it dead ends to another page.

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Original story: Players of MMO ArcheAge have reported unauthorised transactions of $150 USD on their accounts, charged to them without permission by publisher Trion Worlds. Otherwise don't tell me where I can and can't post. Outside of those hours you can access the support site, browse help articles, and submit an email ticket.

YOU, TRION SUPPORT, MADE ME, THE VICTIM, BOUGHT A FRAUDULENT PINATA BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU GAVE ME. Yea because you and 'your guild' and 'your friends' and 'blah blah blah' do represent the majority. Yes, they might have made a mistake and left the wrong text on the support link, but you have a Dev who stopped by this forum to let you know exactly what is happening and is going to get it fixed.

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  1. (Live chat hours are Monday - Sunday: 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM CDT.
  2. A handful of recent job listings may offer some hints as to Amazon's future ambitions in the gaming space.
  3. Additionally, players who have made a purchase of Bits within the last 30 days will also be able to use live chat for the duration of their status.
  4. Adhere to standards and behaviors online that you would follow in real life.
  5. While we're waiting for Trion Worlds to fix wehat needs fixing, there's at least one activity that'll never let you down. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? Will Trion soon become the "Perfect World Online" of western developers? Will Trion soon become the "Perfect World Online" of western developers?

    I'm a recent graduate with a passion for the game and film industry. I'm looking forward to it reviving my interest in the game. IN A THREAD ABOUT THE SAME THING!

    In this case, you can set a new password and wait to see if it will be updated on the Defiance servers, or you can contact support. It has already happened with Rift. It makes me sad and I won't be here bashing Trion in future. It's bad enough that subscribers have had to wait in 8+ hour queues to talk to a person via live chat. It's been gone longer than 3.

    Finally got in touch with customer service, and I am now playing rift again. First: as you may already know, your collection will always show every item, style, mount, etc. GM Squivee: I apologize, but the drop rate on the items in the Autumn Pinatas is completely random, but I can assure you that they are working correctly. Happy to be back Glad they could get you sorted out. Here is the email I recieved 3 weeks later.

    To many people are caught up in the 'well it didnt happen to me so its ok' mentality until it happens to them. Trion Worlds' PC fantasy MMO Rift is now officially and fully free-to-play. Trion still accept calls. Trove pretty much looks set to follow in Defiance's footsteps earnings-wise (if it even makes that much). Unfortunately, we don't have this product at the moment. Unlock your potential with subclasses & Gem Forging, then face new Shadow Tower bosses! Until then, it does not show.

    As you no longer have the items you purchased with your credits, we are unable to refund your purchase of 200 Autumn pinatas.Autumn pinatas have never had these, and this year we intended to add them but haven't - instead we've been running some bonus pinata events to make these worth it.

    They sold so many founders packs that their planned amount of servers couldn't handle the amount of founder packs they've sold! This function is the same for crafting benches; if you are not yet able to craft something, its icon will still be there, but it will be grayed out and unable to be selected. This is Tiio Horn as Rynn, a member of the Irathient race that found herself in hot water in the TV series over the past two episodes. This is long after the first attempt to take my money.

    SyFy and Trion World's crossmedia experiment seems to be a hit in both intereactive and non-interactive form, with more than a million active accounts in than a million registered accounts for the MMO and nearly four million viewers tuning in for the television series premier. TL;DR; - One side of Trion Support said that autumn pinata works just like other pinatas, the other one says the otherwise after I've purchased the pinatas and tested it out myself to be false. That is over for good now.

    Hey sorry you are having problems - I can only speak for myself - zero problems. I agree with the OP, the support has went down hill fast. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. I apologize if what we told you in your previous ticket led you to expect that Autumn pinatas would drop these items. I can call when I'm bored and just chat!

    The "truth" is that Trion probably regrets ever investing in licensing AA because it's such a terrible mess. The actual truth is the boat is constantly being battered by holes and leaks that the Trion employees could fix if they wanted to, but aren't bothering to put the effort into as they instead spend their time and resources hauling up more yummy tasty fish (and whales) from the waters. The english version of the game (NA/EU/Australia) is available on and/or.

    Since Trion launch AA here the list of problems are still huge after almost 2 months of release, and alot of them are Trion fault, i thing Trion is abusing of the words "we cant do anything, we need to wait XLGames". So after knowing that the week follow had the double rare drop event, so I swiped my 99.

    And "Ends of Nations" was put in cold storage and will most likely never see the light of day.And "Ends of Nations" was put in cold storage and will most likely never see the light of day.And you wonder why Dev studios ignore these folks?
    Band together to protect your fortune in epic siege battles and naval combat – or live the life of an outlaw, prying glory and coin from foes left in your wake.Believe it or not, they has no way to speak to a real persons.Believe it or not, they has no way to speak to a real persons.

    Verify you have registered all your keys to your Trion Worlds account. WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING THOSE PINATAS IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN THE ITEM I WANT IS NOT THERE? We have since then canceled the cards and tried contacting Trion regarding the issues but have failed to get a response for more than three days now. We just hope someone reads this, and will a little luck, may save them some pain. We regret any inconvenience this has caused and hope to see you playing soon!

    There are many things you can say to offend people without using profanity. There was another post already closed about this same issue, now it is being brought up again. They have locked gear slots, gear, and mounts behind the xpac. They may charge a lot, but you know what you're getting and they don't lock gear, content, or skills behind paywalls all the while claiming it's free.

    Check the options and verify you are logging into the region you want to play. Conquer everything from the pirate-infested Treasure Isles to Candoria, home of the Candy Barbarians. Defiance didn't set the world on fire either. Defiance didn't set the world on fire either. Develops and publishes games. Directly linking to and distributing said exploits, hacks, or cheats is not permitted. Discussion about hacks and exploits are allowed.

    Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Launch your journey with 30 days of Patron Status, expanded inventory (filled with a host of useful tonics) and the advanced Corrupt Ally Wings Glider! Let us start by saying this very clearly: Trion Worlds’ security has not been compromised in any way. Like I said, the pinatas are working correctly.

    PayPal purchase cannot be conducted in [KRW] currency. Posting irrelevant threads and/or comments that aren’t relevant to the thread, is considered spam. Previously we ran the double rare reward event (4 pinata mounts per drop) and now we're running a bonus event during Shadow's Eve for autumn pinatas to drop candy corn. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

    I wonder if it has to do with them not being able to fund it? I would like to clear up some confusion that appears to have come up due to some information we provided you previously about how the collection works, as well as about Autumn pinatas. I would recommend the same!

    Second: unfortunately Autumn pinatas do not currently drop (or have available to drop) the same set of seasonally-themed items you may have come to expect from seasonal pinatas (style surprises, recipes, pin head). Select "APPLY CODE", and apply all three. Server had queues but there was land to pick up, alot of free spots in pvp zones.

    1. After playing Rift for almost a month, my wifes account was hacked (still not sure how).
    2. All the money I spent on costumes and potions and whatever the fuck all gone because I said I didn't like the new patch and was taking a break?
    3. Always up to chat - Mail me/PM for skype/etc.
    4. Among the biggest new features being introduced during closed beta are: Seasons, with Inventory and Crafting: the closed beta introduced Seasons, which deliver new content in various forms while gradually telling the game’s backstory.
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      IN A THREAD ABOUT THE SAME THING! If players consistently use simple or repeated passwords across different online services, these bots may get access to their accounts. If you feel I am please report my post.

      • Can you link us to the "truth" that says that Trion employees could fix things if they wanted?
      • Your currency will be changed to [USD] in order to proceed to PayPal check-out.
      • IGN has reached out to Trion for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

      I said "It's really bullshit that Auroria land gets taken all at once by the same hacking assholes that own a majority of the mainland and nothing is done about it. I supported Trion for over 3 years. I suspect Trion are having some difficulty staying afloat recently, which has lead to all sorts of cost-cutting actions. I suspect Trion are having some difficulty staying afloat recently, which has lead to all sorts of cost-cutting actions.

      It's even more fucking bullshit that I now will never ever have land because of it and also because I couldn't get the game to work for 2 weeks after launch and missed out on all the fucking land! It's like you went to a pharmacy and bought a contact lens, you've raised all of your precaution with the doctor, and he assure you it's going to work fine, and the person used it and got blind. It's so the GM's can focus on the tickets and get through them quicker.

      No racism, sexism, ageism or other forms of discrimination, including that due to sexual orientation. Not sure how that is flame bait but, whatever you say boss. Numerous players on the have detailed automatic credit card and PayPal charges for the. On the sixth minute the servers were brought down. Once complete, log out of the Trion Worlds site, and launch the Defiance Launcher (Patcher. Or maybe not enough people were calling in.

      Well thank you for clarifying that your posts are just 'because you can' which isn't contributing to the thread in any capacity. Well, I just called them up thinking the issue was that it was merely the weekend. When I try to log in it says NEVER for when the ban is going to end. Whether you want to battle deadly monsters, loot epic treasure, explore wild realms, build brand new worlds, or just show off your style, Trove’s got you covered!

      I guess you are under the mistaken impression that I was responding directly to the OP and not the post I quoted, which was not your place to assume, especially given the fact that the point of my post (which you obviously missed) was to commend Trion on a job well done. I have big problem with archeage failer notice "Failed to load framework dll, check your version " can you help? I know this from experience). I no longer have anything from Trion/Glyph on my computer after the same incident.

      I can't find the post anymore so I'm assuming they just deleted the entire thing, and I'm sure I probably wasn't the only one in the thread that got banned. I chose to be a AA player, not a Trion costumer. I could be missing something here, but I don't see a point to your comment.

      Maybe they do regret investing anyways but I find it hard to imagine that they didn't make a hefty profit off of founders packs alone, and that's before the reports of various people saying they spent thousands on the cash shop. N4G is a community of ​​​ gamers​​​ posting and discussing the latest game news. New Freelancers and a New Map: Elle, introduced, is the first of several new freelancers being unveiled over the course of Closed Beta.

      The perps charged 2 - $100 to the account, at which point Trion Worlds suspended the account. The player base is nowhere near the size of swtor or ffxiv, but I would wager its big enough to be profitable. Then tried to log into my account and it said I was banned for making a good bye post. Then tried to log into my account and it said I was banned for making a good bye post. Then tried to log into my account and it said I was banned for making a good bye post.

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