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Book reviews & recommendations · IMDb. Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need · Junglee. Chat with Amazon, see advice from other customers how to live message with. Popular examples of why customers try to chat online with Amazon reps. When contacting Amazon, you have the option of sending an email, having Amazon.

They can go back to the jungle (I hope). They don't pay their sellers what they owe, and lie and steal. They just keep sending me some bot generated script email and this has got really annoying. They said no broken pieces in box. They said they would find out what happened and get back to me.

I am clearly not the only one having this issue as I see several reviews across the nation that are having these same problems. I am confident I did nothing wrong and Amazon has no right to do that. I am not the type of person who expects something for nothing. I asked him if he realized how absurd it sounded for him (and Amazon) to be telling me that I ordered too many items.

However, on 8/31 my order still showed "ready to ship" - 7 days after I place my original order. However, when they come to deliver the 10plus packages into the office and we politely tell EVERY SINGLE NEW CARRIER that comes in (because there is not a system set in place with delivers apparently) where to deliver them as well as their code. I am a member at our local church and I am the treasurer there, and you can call our local sheriff, Mr.

I couldn't believe they didn't send the email till the next day and there was no way the post man came on my front porch at 9 o'clock at night and we didn't see him and there was no check to be found. I do not believe Amazon is getting a true picture of the frustration being caused by their inconsistent delivery dates and incorrect information on their product descriptions. I do not want so much stress because amz can't get their delivery right.

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Items were to be delivered by 9/6/17, in time for my trip departure on 9/7/17. Join the community of 500,000 technology professionals and ask your questions. Keep all records, confirmation numbers, and shipping notes on hand at all times. Lesson learned: Create a new asin for everything you import/create/design. Lesson learned: some customers want to be unhappy. Lesson learned: use a stealth account when you purchase from the competition.

Like many people, I have been a devoted Amazon Prime shopper for years. MONEY may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Members asked questions and received personalized solutions in the past 7 days. Months later still waiting. Most shoppers are unaware that if delivered goods are damaged or broken, you can contact Amazon customer service and they'll immediately send you a replacement item.

  1. A week later the seller has yet to correct their page and Amazon does nothing.
  2. After all, you're paying $99 annually for the membership and they're "guaranteeing" two-day delivery, so there should be consequences if they can't deliver on their promise.
  3. Again, no explanation as to how any of this is done which is why you include the order and return forms in the first place.
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    Com/questions/28442426/Amazon-online-chat-with-customer-service-exact-url-needed. Contact the service department and ask for your money back. Dieser Inhalt ist für internationale Besucher verfügbar. Do that, and you've officially become a smart Amazon shopper. Do you want to pay twenty dollars a can?

    I don't know what the significance is regarding the time zone, especially since they are 3 hours behind my time. I don't think I can shop at Amazon anymore. I got mail that the seller has cancelled the order, but in reality he has delivered me a fake product and collected the cash as well. I had ordered "JBL Flip 4" speaker on 13th-Aug-2017 with payment mode cash on delivery with order no.

    She had loads of free stuff and was still out for blood. She was emotionally involved. So it says my package was delivered Saturday and that its in my mailbox, my mailbox is too little for anything to fit in there. Something like, "I'm sorry, but I think I need to talk to someone else who can more directly help me," is a good way to bring up the conversation. Something went wrong, mind trying again?

    Value), or a $5 or $10 credit to your account. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! We called for specific help from the Amazon agents because we have imported some items that are exactly the same as what other sellers have. We have been unable obtain a response or explanation to any questions. We have several residents who order from Amazon on a daily basis, including myself. We packed it double boxed in same way it was sent to us with same packing material.

    My account is now closed with 2600 dollars of my money in it and Amazon says I used an invalid gift card. Möchtest du ihn in der deutschen Version anschauen? New to the rigors of customer service in a female-dominated sector, sent the wrong thing to a lady THREE times! Next, click on the right. No decent customer service coming from Amazon.

    I have it in writing from your representative! I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon. I have the card itself. I know I can return it but it's a hassle and it's nuts right now trying to get supplies for the hurricane. I lost the remote for Fire Stick so I downloaded the app and used the Amazon Fire Stick app instead while I am waiting for my remote I ordered.

    That seller seems to have it figured out. That totally defeats the purpose of the shipping that I chose, and will do me no good now since my friends daughter leaves town the morning of the 5th. The delivery date had changed to January 11, 2018. The only case where you can get a refund is if someone hacked your Amazon account and signed up for Prime.

    What you receive from Amazon as "compensation" will depend on how late the package was delivered and the size of the order. When they do help resolve issues, it is because they want to keep your business and respect you as a customer. When they don't deliver on their guarantee, simply hit up via a phone call, email, or live chat, and explain the situation.

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    If you're not a Amazon Prime member paying money to have things shipped faster, then whenever they get around to it they'll ship it. If you're not near a computer with your account or are not sure what department to call, this is usually your best bet. If your issues isn't solved with the buttons available, you can still contact them.

    • First, make sure no one in your household or that you share access to your Amazon account with signed up for Prime.
    • Souhaitez-vous vous rendre sur l'édition française?
    • Amazon online chat,Amazon help chat Talk:!
    • For me I won't use Amazon again, but if you must do not order from other sellers.
    • I went to the Amazon site and sent an email to customer service to express my displeasure.

    But I received a book which was a black and white xerox copy of the original book with lots of missing pages. But that is not what happened.

    And I said that with these charms being gifts I needed to have a form so I would know how (and to whom) I could return the item to and she said another reason this packing paperwork was not included was because of the environment and wanting to reduce waste and that if I needed to return anything I could look up my order # and send the item back without charge.And dude got "hooked up" with one-day delivery!As well and Amazon is solely responsible for that as the fraud seller got the shipping address, name, phone no.
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    I've been noticing a lot of negative changes in Amazon - prices not as good as before; delivery not as good; and I feel like they are delaying their shipping when it's free without the Amazon Prime. If so, choose the appropriate tab at the top of the screen, choosing among "An Order I Placed," "Fire and Kindle," and other potential issues with Amazon. If the option isn't here, it is in the "Tell us more about your issue" section. If they did, they should pay for it.

    I have Amazon Prime, but when I try to play music on my TV, I get a message that says "join today at amazon. I have asked them to provide proof of what they are sharing but they ignored me, as their claim is false. I have been an Amazon Prime Member for 13 years. I have called amazon and reported this issue and the rep said the issue will be reported to the respective team. I have communicated with their legal representative but I was ignored as well.

    If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. If we didn't already have a very successful business on ebay we might understand. If you can would you please help me. If you have a question about an order, or an issue with service, contacting Amazon might be the best thing you can do. If you have the Amazon app, swipe right to see the a long strip of things.

    It doesn't matter whether the accusation is true. It has been couple of week and there is no update from amazon. It has come to be an everyday thing and it drives us to only tell everyone how awful Amazon is when it comes to the delivery portion. It is so easy to get angry, yell, or become a bully. It made other sellers upset and they reported us for breaking rules. It was probably a gift for a child, and she made a complaint.

    The reason that I am upset is that they promised to make it right, and then denied ever having said that they would replace the product at no charge. The statement from Etsy made us wonder whether Amazon and Etsy are connected somehow in the backroom. Then on top of that they will not let me rate the seller who shipped me the wrong stuff, and they would not approve my 1 star review, unreal.

    1. All the cards I have used are cash purchased and I have physical proof of ownership of the cards.
    2. Amazon online chat,Amazon help chat Talk:!
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    4. Amazon said they would question the seller.
    5. This is not what I have experienced with my Prime membership in the past. This is really a sweet deal if the item is still useable or can be salvaged with a little elbow grease. This is the opposite of that. This will bring up a series of contact options. Une version adaptée de ce contenu est disponible pour notre public international. Useless canned scripted responses that show no understanding of the problem and lies and BS from this company is all you get.

      At this point, I couldn't believe how great the Amazon customer service experience was.
      • " God knows what the ** they are doing.
      • "I really enjoy using Amazon, which is why I'm confident we can find a way to fix this issue.
      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon help Dial:@!
      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon help Dial:@!
      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon helpDial:@!

      There was a time when a damaged product was replaced, no questions asked. There's no reason why you can't take advantage of the above hacks to save money in addition to taking advantage of the conveniences Amazon offers. They came back now claim sent it back broken and smelled like smoke.

      When you get on that page, scroll down to see another button labeled " Contact Us. When you're paying for Prime you will find many times the cost of an item under Prime might be more expensive than without Prime membership and that's to offset the cost of shipping which is supposed to be an included (and free) service so Amazon gets you coming and going.

      Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Rd party buyers have all the power. Retired early to take over the shipping department because good help was so hard to find. Returned got approval but World of Autographs were on vacation. Reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. Scroll all the way down to see Customer Service and click it. Sent it back broken and the plastic cd case smelled of smoke.

      Nós especializamos nosso site para sua região! Oh, and one other thing to be aware of. On each day they changed status, Product is out for delivery and by end of the day they changed that Product is delivered. Our protests were ignored. Please email if you believe this is an error. Pretty much Amazon doesn't confirm tracking/shipping details and nor do they care especially when a seller makes a run for it!

      I then asked for a supervisor. I will be charged for the pint. I'll never do business with them again. I'm sorry with how long this is, but I think that if you are going to hire someone to deliver things they should not just throw tons of packages in an open mailroom or come dressed in their PJ's to present a well known establishment.

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      While Amazon doesn't have an official price match policy in place, you can still request a lower price if you find one on a competing website or from a local brick and mortar retailer. Will I feel better not giving Amazon my business? Would you like to switch to our Latino edition? Would you like to view this in our French edition? Your odds of success rise significantly if the lower price you found is from a popular online competitor, as it becomes very easy for Amazon to confirm their price.

      Can you imagine how frustrating our lives are going to become when Amazon and all those who mimic Amazon are in control of the world's shopping etc? Choose the order or orders that you need to contact Amazon about. Com and get things in just a few days and cheaper than Amazon. Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof. Com website it was not accepting the same.

      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon helpDial:@!
      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon helpDial:@!
      • (((+1^855^771^2^666)))***chat with Amazon,Amazon helpDial:@!
      • A common practice across all industries.

      They still jacked up the price on me, and in a chat with them Deb told me she could not find the price I bought it at, it had changed, and she offered me some meaningless concessions. This article will show you how to talk with a customer service representative at Amazon. This content is available customized for our international audience. This does not work. This experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth. This has happened multiple times.

      I bought them to buy something but found out that it was a scam so when I talked with Amazon they said they would give me a refund but it would be 3 to4 weeks till I got a check. I contacted customer service immediately and messaged with Deepak who could do nothing. I could click to have online chat with Amazon.

      Email: You'll get a written solution to the problem, with a tracking number and the ability to write back. Great prices and awesome customer service. Have your logo attached to ALL of your items. He told me that's what the computer said. Hemos especializado nuestro sitio para tu región!

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