Dating a man twice my age

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I have totally fallen in love with a man who is twice my age! I have known him about 8 years in total and we have always been good friends. That was my experience from dating a much older man.

  1. And no one with manners is going to say they don't approve of your relationship or think you're robbing the cradle to your face.
  2. Anyone else out there ever grow up with the song "Twice My Age" by Shabba Ranks?
  3. Anyone who disagrees with your original post doesn't know ****.
  4. As always, that’s just my opinion.
  5. Please include your IP address in your email. She was 26 at the time, her boyfriend, 52. So I left the house in May because I wasn't able to take anymore.

    ButI’ll make an exception for you Adam!

    Perri: It's not hate, she just has certain standards. Perri: What do we have in common? Perri: Yes, you did, you knew it! Please give me all the details you can on that.

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    You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB. You have to realize unless you're bringing something special to the table most women want to date someone thier own age or a FEW years older. You just have to cross those bridges if or when you come to them. Young people are great, they like to explore, to live, to learn, to do all the things I like to do that keep me young at heart.

    They had four children together, who all seemed to benefit from his wisdom and adored him too. They rate low on sense of fun, adventure and openness to new things. This browser is out of date and will not support some of this site's functionality. This guy was confident, successful, and comfortable with himself: a significant departure from the insecure, possessive 20-somethings I had dated. To my boyfriend, however, the pleasures of a queer life come from bucking convention and fucking freely.

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    Even Leonardo Dicaprio is now getting called out for being creepy for only dating 19 and 20 yr olds at his age. From the long days and the lonely nights. Get to know each other for a short while and see where things go. Go on a wild shop­ping spree? Guys who date girls who can be their daughters seem desperate af to everyone else around them. He also talked about how he's starting to plan for his retirement, and I'm obviously nowhere near that.

    It didn’t mat­ter what I charged to his card—gas, food, clothes, books for school—as long as I was going to school every day and get­ting good grades, tak­ing care that the house was clean, and mak­ing sure the sex was fresh and exciting. It is up to you to be mutually happy with the person you date. It's just really unsightly to see that kind of couple. It's not wrong but when you are 34 he will be 56.

    Can you handle that? Dating a 20 year old now. Dating an older man can be a tricky line to walk.

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    He was the only "younger guy" I’d ever gone out with, by about six years, and I used to ask my friends obsessively if it was "weird. He would meet me on an intellectual level that I have been waiting for. How do I tell my parents that I'm marrying a man who is twice my age? However I have a question I would like you to explain Adam. However, I've dated older men after him and it's been the same deal. I called him an old man, nagging in my old lady voice.

    Sound like a cool guy. That's one of the reasons I generally like older guys - we are more on the same level than other guys my age. The fathers of the younger girls I've dated definitely don't care.

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    1. Assuming you are slim and attractive, would she reject you just because you are 40 and date someone who is 24 but is obese and unattractive?
    2. At times, it was very lonely and iso­lated.
    3. Because as women we tend to be more mature and we need someone that thinks at least at the same level we do.
    4. But I guess this is the life, date girls my own age, have kids, be the man I do NOT want to be and fit the stereotype.
    5. When I visit people in the bay area in California, ages range from 20-40+ in terms of single people and no one gives a fck who's dating who. When researching my family tree last year I discovered that my great-grandfather, at the grand old age of 72, married a 37 year-old woman. While older men may experience a decrease in sex drive, he will have more experience, which can mean that he'll make sure that you're "taken care of.

      I can get girls a decade younger than me or more. I dont want kids, id rather have a ferrari. I don’t really know, and am not a coun­selor or psychologist–but I surely won­der what indeed makes these rela­tion­ships “click”. I for one have never dated a man older than me. I go in with the intention that it doesn't last so it doesn't bother me.

      • " Or, "I just put a dollar’s worth of O-Town songs in the jukebox.
      • "You don't need a man for this or that.
      • AIBU in choosing a man twice my age to spend my life with?
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      1. Also, you should be wary of younger guys who are fitter and more sexually attractive than an old guy like you.
      2. And just so you know, you have a better chance at getting a fit and beautiful 30 yr old than the 22 yr old counterpart.
      3. Twenty years was too many. Wanted marriage and kids now. We finally met up last night, and it was well worth the wait. We loved each other in almost an instant, but wouldn’t say it out loud it for six months. We never shut the bathroom door, burped in each other’s faces.

        If that means I'm not "grown up" then I don't give a ****. If they're teasing you about dating an "old guy," tease them back about dating young losers (or whatever their type is). If this keeps going down the same road, I can see it perhaps turning into something more serious. If your considering her for the long term, be VERY weiry as she changes after 25.

        But no interest in putting up with their stupidity if they don't put out or play hard to get.But the age thing came up a couple times, mostly as a joke.But this guy feels just right.

        Young people are great, they like to explore, to live, to learn, to do all the things I like to do that keep me young at heart. Young women are great, they're fun and they aren't in a rush to get married and pop kids out. Your relationship is with the person, their personality, not the number that is attached to them.

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        • I’m not ready for the rocking chair.
        • The problem with this is that even though I’ve dated someone else since then and broke up with them, I still can’t get over the older guy.
        • (This period of silence will be short.
        • The fathers of the younger girls I've dated definitely don't care.
        • A one-year discrepancy in a couple’s ages, the study found, makes them 3 percent more likely to divorce (when compared to their same-aged counterparts); a 5-year difference, however, makes them 18 percent more likely to split up.

        I have dated men my age, all the way up to 30 years old than me. I hope the young lady men­tioned here truly has that love and emo­tional attach­ment from her Marco she so needs. I think I'd struggle dating a 20 year old and I'm "only" 30. I tried dating girls my own age.

        I was 31 and newly separated. I was originally visiting where he lived and we were talking about getting together while I was in town, or us meeting halfway at some point in the future, but it never happened. I'd much rather be around young people. I'm a 19 yr old girl and just telling you the truth. I've dated older women, okay?

        So I look 50 and he looks 55 – an estimate that everyone else puts on him as well. So many guys don't have **** for life experience other than a job here and there and some school. Sometimes it’s fun to just have fun. Sometimes, it was even a certain look that would set him off and the next thing I know, it was on like Donkey Kong. Sorry, I need to know them well and long enough to trust them before I even consider it, if at all.

        Just because he's no longer a horny teenager humping anything in sight doesn't mean that he won't be satisfying to you. Keep an open mind going into it. On the other hand, I don't know how some of you guys do it. Perri: But it's not good enough for her.

        He could end up retired while you're still in your 30s. He didn’t want to be raising a kid at 60. He didn’t, but I moved into my dorm anyway and prayed for the willpower not to sleep at his house and skip my morning classes. He is so sexy, mature, responsible, there for me when I need advice or someone to talk too. He is still young at heart which is important. He was someone pushing 50 but didn’t act like it.

        The ones that didn’t know me complimented us on “our place” and asked how long we’d been together. The relationship CAN work as long as you can relate to them. There are no guarantees and I found I couldn't bear not to know how our story would end. They can add strain to a relationship. They did some chatting back and forth following the event and ended up having a very interesting conversation about age.

        If a women is dating much older it's usually for a couple reasons 1. If anything I say offends you, unsubscribe. If he doesn't, that shouldn't be something that would matter any more than if a guy your age didn't have money. If i had a daughter, 20 years, dating a guy who were like 38 id consider myself a failed dad. If it’s good in the spir­i­tual, emo­tional, and phys­i­cal aspects–age doesn’t mat­ter. If that means I'm not "grown up" then I don't give a ****.

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        But I guess this is the life, date girls my own age, have kids, be the man I do NOT want to be and fit the stereotype.But my point being, I think he was at least genuine in the sentiment and was legitimately attracted to me in the same way that I was attracted to him.

        Well, little did I know that my high school booty-poppin' anthem would one day become my actual life. What I am trying to say is, age is just a number. What about the future, she pointed out that in 20 years time I will be 45 and he will be nearly 70, that he is quite likely to die before me and that I may well face the rest of my life without him. When I date a chick way younger than me who always raises a fuss if I try to pay for anything.

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