Facebook chat not showing

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My chat box is not showing up in my home page. Asked about 5 years ago by Zenab Andaya Nayr. Chat list not showing. Asked about 5 years ago by Debasish Dey. Follow this Question · Share.

  1. Apparently i’m not the only one, although it seems to be a worse problem on firefox.
  2. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple can therefore provide no guarantee as to the efficacy of any proposed solutions on the community forums.
  3. BUT, from what you’re saying, even if you do get it to work, you’re not showing as unavailable to the list you set.
  4. But that it keeps popping up is annoying to say the least.
  5. So that when you log in to Facebook each session you are seen as unavaillable Instead of every session when you log in you are, voila, AVAILABLE until you go in and change the setting. So, what to do is click “ See Full Conversation” which opens the chat history in your Messages area. Sometimes the ability to limit availability shows and sometimes not.

    On the box that you described above, I am offline. Once Google+ adds games and business profiles, it could be a gamechanger. Once you make your friend “circles” via the Circle Hack app, go back to facebook. One of Facebook Chat's lesser-known features is its video-calling capability. One thing I’ve been wondering about: can you make the sidebar start with the friends who are online (like you can in Skype)?

    Soon enough someone who offers freedom is going to offer a better deal and the next social media network will take change. Still no justification for Facebook to remove this feature. Thanks for all your help here Mari. Thanks for sharing this Mari, I prefer the old facebook chat sidebar though. Thanks for the info. The chat sidebar is *relentless! The chat sidebar is less than useless, it is anoying and frustrating.

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    I was one of the 1% of users that was chosen to be a tester for the “Happening Now”. I wish people would chat with me via GTalk or Skype. I wondered if the list is based on a social relevancy algorithm and shows those friends whose content I like or comment upon most often. I would like to be able to change back to the old chat settings. I've also tried different web browsers but it's the same deal. IS THERE ANOTHER WAY TO TURN OFF CHAT AVAILABILITY?

    Click the Close button.

    Now I have this stupid distracting scrolly thing at the top right of my screen, letting me know in real time when someone has changed their profile picture – like I am bovvered enought to want to know that the instant it happens. Now i have to manually look to see if they are online because facebook limits the number of people i can see online. Ok, but how do I get rid of the annoying scrolling “news feed on steroids”?!? Ok, so just now, on Safari, Chrome, and IE my chat is gone.

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    Did u installed Facebook extension from Safari Extensions?

    Mari, fb keeps putting me back available when I try to stay unavailable for chat. Matt Kruze (the author) has taken on Facebook as a project, fixing the “feature updates” that Facebook sees fit to dole out without review or user choice. Mine only has the option of coming available to chat and then chat sounds. My FB sidebar chat went back to its old self this morning on its own.

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    We had fun the old way now its just a pain. We want to have time to respond to things when we have a chance to do it. What does “cog” icon mean?

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    I find it disturbing that you apparently don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. I hate new chat bar please help me. I have close to 4,000 ‘friends’ and usually have about 300 online per day. I have had enough of this facebook crap.

    I have no box to click to hide or unhide the chat sidebar. I have no interest in anyone being able to see when I am online on facebook. I have one problemi can do goup chat, but i can’t do personal chat, and also when i click on cog icon i can’t see limit availabilityplease help. I hope one is found soon because this is driving me crazy!

    It is only a matter of time, I hope. It is very much disgusting, because every time I choose a friend to text chat with, chatvibes/video call keeps on inviting authomatically to a friend I have chosen. It just won't show the people online! It keeps flashing and scrolling up and down non stop.

    Click the Options icon in the chat sidebar and select Advanced Settings.Click the cog icon in the lower right corner.Clicking the available thing doesn’t do anything.

    I want to change my new chat back to old one and i’m talking about i don’t want to go on a different page and than chat i want to stay on the same page and than chat because i play frontierville and all that and when it was the old chat i can do both and now i can’t with this new one and it’s pissing me off and i also have to say my friend online i don’t want to go to search and find them i just want the old one back please can you change it back for the people who want it change back please or something thanks please help.

    It’s also not friendly for people with any type of visual impairment, All the other “improvements” I’ve shrugged at, but this one takes a long time to look at and find the right things to click. It’s true, FB is faulting on ‘availability’ of the user to chat or not. I’d like them to explain that reasoningLOL! I’ve been using this add on for several releases and it gets better and better.

    If the names are not grayed out and there are no green dot indicators next to people's names indicating their availability to chat, they just aren't online right now. If you don’t see the sidebar, just click Chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, which shows the same list of friends you’ll find in your sidebar. Is it only me or have FB set it so that every time you login it defaults you to online in chat – The only way I’ve got around it is to limit availability by clicking all boxes?

    Then click the “Actions” button in the upper right and select “Delete Messages. There is no icon in green color appear. They stay in the typing area. They’re always offline it’s annoying. This information is three years old. This new one show online even while i am off line.

    If I want to chat, I’ll go online and visible in a messenger program. If all the names in your Facebook Chat sidebar are grayed out, Chat is turned off. If enough people complain about FB disrespecting their privacy I’m sure they’ll take notice. If facebook keeps evolving into a chat tool I will have to stop using it completely. If it keeps up, I’m switching permanently to Google+ and disabling my FB account (hopefully, that won’t come back randomly and have to be killed over and over)!

    I cannot see the side bar anymore,how can I chat and communicate with my friends easily?. I clicked the option bar like hudreds of times and it won’t disappear. I could like to have my old frinds back on my chat list on right hand side of bar on facebook. I could like to have my old frinds back on my chat list on right hand side of bar on facebook. I definitely like the old one better. I do not want this feature which I was asked to ‘TRY’ by Facebook.

    It really is crazy but kind of like Google is doing with Gmail contacts, for instance, these big companies are trying to get their algorithms to “guess” our most important relationships instead of giving us the control! It says to view other friends to just search them in the search bar. It’s a pity there’s not a way to disable the chat completely.

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    Html and get a certified technician to help you only in a single call. I also posted a status update letting my friends know that I’m disappearing from Facebook until they resolved this. I am also unable to see the chat area. I appreciate there are great benefits to being able to live chat anytime, but for me I like to limit my instant availability and stay focused. I called it “no chat” and asked that I be made unavailable to that list.

    The gall of FB to change my profile and include me in a test group without absolutely any method of providing feedback. The list of friends displayed in this sidebar is supposed to be the friends you interact with most. The sidebar pops up constantly, too.

    Yeah, it’s so easy, they say to hide your sidebar. You can now delete all. You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB. You can stay zoomed in to keep the old style popup rather than sidebar or zoom back out using ctrl and -. You have to type in a ‘search’ for each person, one by one, until you find someone online. You may find the popout much easier to use as opposed to the “relevance” list Facebook displays for you!

    I do wish Facebook would stop producing changes that they tout as improvements for ‘everybody’ when the changes seem to be more about giving Facebook more control! I don't see how an anti-virus would have anything to do with this situation. I don’t chat on Facebook and somehow I always end up as available on FB when this stupid sidebar comes up. I don’t have it yet, but I understand there’s no way to turn it off.

    I want it back my friend still has it, she uses my computer and my browser! I want it to STOP updating every 1/2 a second! I want to be permanently offline, but facebook is of course too retarded to do this.

    Silly thing is that they risk losing people because of how much control they want to have over us. Since i can’t “search for them” and the ones i am chatting with continually disappear, i really have little use for this stupid new chat. Since upgrading to OS X Lion on my 2011 white MacBook, Facebook chat doesn't show up. So cant get my frnd list & cant make me offline to few frnds> Seems previous chat window was good. So say beside your friend is says 30mins.

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    One time you turn it off (hoping it’s permanent) then next time, you find your settings returning to ‘on’ without you touching a thing! Or at least giving the option of using it. Or, select specific parts of the conversation to delete by clicking the check box next to each entry and clicking the “Delete Selected” button. People are really disliking this,don’t they care? Please include your IP address in your email. Select/deselect any Friend Lists as you wish.

    Had the same problem, and I saw your message here. How can this be fixed or what do I need to do? How do i just remove friends from the side bar without defriending them? How do u see all your friends that are online? How do you invoke the “popout feature” from your home page?

    What sucks is that it will still show a green mobile symbol even if the person is not using facebook on their phone. When you are limited to chat with only certain friends do they show up as available to you or are they offline to you? Whenever i switched off my chat it will seems to me that i had offline but i am still showing online in groups. Which friends appear in the sidebar? Why can you see mobile users in the chat box all the time, i dont want that!

    • If you prefer the old chat sidebar, install the latest version of Better Facebook (betterfacebook.
    • I wish the only problem I was having was the issue with the chat.
    • How can I prevent posts I made in “private” Facebook groups from appearing in my friends’ sidebars?
    • You mention friend lists above.
    Close any programs that use a microphone, particularly video calling and chat applications.Damn like get a life and speak real English, you the type of person wondering why you didn’t get the jobs you always wanted and end up on the streets with a cup in your hand asking for money from total strangers.Despite everyone’s grievances with the changes, so long as our loved ones around the world still use Facebook as the primary means of connecting, then most of us will keep using the platform.

    This started for me about two days ago, and it’s driving me nuts. Three days later and it still keeps popping up. Time passed and that person left linked to 3rd partyI then unknowingly send the person who linked me a msg does 3rd person read my personal msg? Ugh, that’s yet another new feature Facebook just introduced and will be rolling out sitewide soon. Very irritating to say the least. We are experiencing some problems, please try again.

    I lost my new chat sidebar about 2 weeks ago. I missed the fb phonebook, even i click edit friends i wil get d same sidebar which shows wall, photos, frnds,etc but not contacts. I play Zynga Poker and I have brought chips to play. I really don’t like the new one they have. I think FB just got too big for it’s own good and now isn’t functioning well at all in any area. I used to see the “offline” option but can’t any longer when clicking the “chat”.

    • (And, as for the new Facebook video chat?
    • All folk seem to want to do is post photographs and meaningless content.
    1. But their is no way in knowing if someone is online and whether to search them up or not.
    2. Can someone please tell me it there is a way to remove it withiout scripts.
    3. Check to confirm yours isn't set on mute.
    4. Circle Hack is a really easy way to segment your Facebook friends – you don’t have to put everyone in a list, maybe just specific friends then leave others as they are.
    5. I’ve discovered you can get to full conversation by going to the settings in that little box, but is such a pain to do that EVERY single time! I’ve seen it sometimes and not other times. Just what’s shown in the image. Let me know in the comments below if you still have the new Sidebar.

      • All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the.
      • And it doesn’t matter what I click -‘Hide This’ or ‘Try it now’- it pops up the side bar and keeps changing my status to online anyway.
      • Another issue, the size!
      • Any clue about what to do when you don’t have “Limit Availability” as an available option for my various friend lists?

      Each week, my team and I sort through the vast array of social media blog posts, resources, articles, tools, tips and more. Enter your name and email below to start receiving our weekly top selections in The Social Scoop newsletter, published every Friday. Every time i log into facebook, some friends get a notification to their windows live messenger. Facebook is in midst of doing tests and the chat sidebar is still very buggy.

      My Facebook chat shows me to be offline, even when I’m not, if I have the window minimized for more than five minutes. My chat side is coming out only when i click account settings. My chat sidebar options are not there. New one does not work properly. No actions I do should be shared with anyone, unless I chose to do so, and continuously facebook keeps doing it anyway. No ones game feeds are showing up, no none can help anyone.

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