Watching my wife flirt

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Have a very attractive wife and enjoy watching other guys checking her out when we are in public and really want to watch her being picked up. It's not really so much that I enjoy the fact that my girlfriend flirts with guys. I always find myself standing at the bar and chuckling while I watch.

  1. And who is the guy?
  2. Annie's legs seemed permanently locked in a full spread.
  3. Annie's tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, teasing Tom's lips.
  4. You will never see ads again! You witnessed it firsthand in action--guys hitting on her and nothing coming of it. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

    I like the idea of seeing her please another man. I mean, hey, she's happy to just be with you. I roused her as best I could and at least got her on her feet and walking, though I did have to support her. I think you are opening up a can of worms that you will ultimately live to regret. I waited at the centre for over 30 minutes and there was no sign of them, it was obvious they must have gone elsewhere, probably the Security Office.

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    Id imagine because I dont allow attachment to occur and i have that attachment to my partner. If it is a simple admiration without sexual connotation, then it is not flirting. If it's something that the other person has a problem with, then we'll talk through it; and if there are still really strong feelings against it, from either of us, then we drop it.

    There was a pinball machine, a ping pong table, dart board. They closed the doors behind us as we boarded. This is not to say that we have become wild bohemians. This only means god has a.

    • "But tonight he won't because you disappeared.
    • "I'm gonna imagine myself as married.
    • ' She blurted out, pulling away from me.
    • 'It was the best anniversary present you could ever have given me.
    • 'My word, what big hands you've got.

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    He realises what he wont have once its gone. He was smiling at me now over his beer and I could see excitement in his eyes. He was warm and funny and I found myself really enjoying his company.

    Roughly, he dragged her off the lounge onto the floor. Scott took a pen from his jacket pocket along with a scrap of paper. She will indulge and use a dildo and talk as if its another guy. She'll reply with "Shut Up! So she is MUCH more comfortable with women. Sorry we could not verify that email address. Still kissing and fondling her, he eased her down onto it.

    1. Apparently he grew up religious and his father is a fundamental pastor.
    2. As for acting out this fantasy in real life, with other people: you need to understand that this may very well be beyond her limits.
    3. As he spoke to her he was reaching out and occasionally touching her arm that rested on the bar.
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      The guy chatted with Nicole, doubtless flirting pretty hard. The wife flirting thing is going very slowly and cautiously. Then she shocked me when she sat down on the bench seat of our booth and lifted her foot up on the seat, pretending to adjust her shoe. There are many handsome men to keep her company!

      If she's genuinely interested in doing this fantasy for real, then you guys need to talk very in-depth about how you'll go about it, and what exactly you're each comfortable with. If you like showing her off, she can dress sexy and you can notice other guys watching her. In a relationship where you want to be together, you love not hurt.

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      Be free from the doubt and insecurities be yourself or dump his crap on the lawn and change locks.Because you're a cuckie fag who likes watching someone else fuck your wife instead!But i would never be able to actually go through with it (id want to at least join!
      • A fit 39 year old, Annie always dressed well for work and there seemed no reason to change.
      • Although improving the body is vital don't neglect your inner frame.
      • And at the end of the day, no is no, but being open and honest is just as important.
      • And consider him a friend we can trust.
      • And what it can turn in to.

      Just because she's asking questions about your fantasy, doesn't mean she's necessarily interested in acting on it. Last night in the cab ride home I asked who the guy was, on the off chance she knew him. Like I've said in other replies, I haven't pressured her into actually doing it, I have just discussed my views and details of my fantasies with her.

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      It could be trouble for you. It had got quite late and we'd decided not to have a spa. It was almost a relief to peel off my panties. It wasn't your intent, but that's what's happened. It's going well in that she isn't really doing much. I’m pretty sure that she would not have stopped him.

      But, I understand and respect individual perspectives. Can't stand the way they flirt? Do you agree that the marriage is first and foremost?

      Through him I learned how to better please her. Trimmer, I believe this comes pretty close to describing how I feel. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Was she your friend or his? We have been friends with another couple living away about 200 km. What would be the reason for an open relationship?

      Maybe an elderly man if a conversation strikes up but if someone in what I'd consider my "dating age range" starts a conversation, I will be polite but I will also excuse myself quickly. Most would probably label her a whore, not knowing she's actually performing an act that you have encouraged. No pictures of genitals are allowed. Not sure she exactly lives by this standard.

      I can understand why you would say that. I couldn't imagine what she was doing, and I sat nervously in the car for another ten minutes trying to decide what to do next. I don't get romantically attached really ever, and I have a disassociation between sex and romance.

      He wrote something out and folded the paper in half. Here's a security guard coming. Hey guys, so this is an update or a spin off on the multi-dating thread I started a couple of weeks ago. Holy hell what planet did you fall off of? How can we help them? I always felt this way. I am a 39-year-old single bisexual guy.

      Talking openly with your wife about your desires. That in the middle of the night I will wake up, she is not with me, I go out of the room and see a similar situation as per this story. The black guard sauntered over to Beth; he stood gazing at her tits for a while then said. The doors opened and we stepped in.

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      As we talked I even let my mind wander to what it would be like if this was no game.At first I was mad, but, eventually, when you love her, you accept it and want her to feel pleasure, even if it is with another man.

      I would actually be really hurt and I would consider breaking up with him, because it would show that he's really not into monogamy as much as I am. I would go down on her and smell other men's cum in her pussy. I'm glad we can talk about our fantasies and desires without blowing things out of proportion. I'm reflecting on what I commented as I see your post.

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      Our anniversary was due and I asked her what she would like as a present. People want to chat with me because I'm in the know and usually have good information. Personally speaking, I've been telling my husband I want to see him with another woman because 1) think it would be hot 2) don't want him to feel like he's trapped. Please email if you believe this is an error. Please include your IP address in your email. Regarding last night, doesn't sound like she really did anything wrong.

      When we entered, I went strait to the bar to order, and as I. When we reached the little store, Scott handed me a ten and told me to go inside and buy a package of condoms. With all these shit tests however, sometimes I think if it's all worth it. With the third drink I put my hand on her thigh. Without even asking he turned in to the hotel. Would you be the one in control while it was happening? You also don’t need your partner to apologize.

      I have seen her smiling and running her hand along her leg or running her hand up inside her skirt and seen her playing footsie with guys when they have been. I have several casual lovers. I haven't posted lately just to keep everyone in dramatic suspense. I know she would like a threesome, and that desire is hard enough for me to deal with already. I like that we are open with each other about what we want, so that's the only reason I wouldn't say no straight away.

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      Don't accuse your wife for your wrongdoings. Even if she had wanted to do something, it wouldn't have been a good move on her part to pursue matters because she was there with her co-workers (including her boss) who know she's married. Featured logos are trademarks of their respective owners. First of all you can tell her that it hurts and worries you. Friday night was usually a good time to be married to Annie. He does it less now which I know means he doesnt want to hurt me.

      • I have "shared" my husband before.
      • It depends how you want to react to this I suppose.
      • But, that was about it.

      I don't know why this turns me on -- I know it should probably be the opposite. I entered, turned right and walked another fifty yards to the door of the bar. I gave her an affectionate squeeze and smiled broadly at her. I gave her excessive latitude because she is Bipolar and I thought she was just manic and would shift back to me at any time. I have "shared" my husband before.

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